CS507 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2015

Computer applications are need of businesses to add great value in enhancing the business processes. Lots of decisions are taken by each management level of the organization to look after day to day business activities. Information systems are considered backbone of large organizations to run business smoothly and survive in this competitive mark. You are […]

CS604 GDB Solution feb 2015

Is it possible to have a deadlock condition with a single process? Explain and justify your answer with reference to deadlock prevention method”. Solution: No, it is not possible to have a deadlock condition in a single process.The deadlock involves a circular “hold-and-wait” condition between two or more processes, so “one” process cannot hold a […]

CS606 GDB Solution feb 2015

“Three types of Intermediate representation (IR) have been discussed in this course and i.e. 1. Graphical IRs 2. Linear IRs 3. Hybrid IRs Selecting an appropriate IR for a compiler is critical step which depends on some important properties of IR. Speed and efficiency of compiler may vary according to these properties. You are required […]

CS410 GDB Solution Feb 2015

Using the dot net technologies we cannot develop an application that can run on android platform. Solution:   Microsoft technologies promote Windows based application and the cannot run on android OS. But in future .net technologies will also develop and promote C# based products which can not only run on Windows but on iOS and Android too. […]

CS403 GDB Solution Feb 2015

The University of Texas is going to develop an application for its Alumnae Association as recently it has acquired a state of the art data center. The information may be like student name its region or current location of residence since it has a large record of Alumnae in manual form. Which indexing technique will […]

CS304 GDB Solution feb 2015

Can Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) replace Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Give your opinion with solid arguments. Solution: Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) Aspect Oriented Programming works at the complex software system as combined implementation of multiple concerns like business logic, data persistence, logging, security, multithread safety, error handling, and so on. Separates business logic code from the system level code. In […]

CS302 GDB Solution Feb 2015

Discussion Topic Programmable Logic devices can be used as replacement to logic gates and MSI chips, State that how these devices can have an effect on the performance of storage fundamentals, and also discuss which will give better performance? Give arguments in the support of your answer. Solution: With programmable logic devices, designers use inexpensive software […]

PHY101 GDB Solution Feb 2015

The topic for the discussion is: A room has one wall made of concrete, one wall made of copper, and one wall made of steel. All of the walls are the same size and at the same temperature of 20. Which wall feels coldest to the touch? Select below the best choice according to your […]

VU Assignment GDB Quiz Solutions