CS507 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2015

Computer applications are need of businesses to add great value in enhancing the business processes.
Lots of decisions are taken by each management level of the organization to look after day to day
business activities. Information systems are considered backbone of large organizations to run
business smoothly and survive in this competitive mark. You are required to visit an organization or
search through internet to answer following questions.
1. Write student id and student name.
2. Name and introduction of organization which have implemented information systems.
3. Why this organization is using information system?
4. How information system adds value into their business?
5. Explain components of information system being used in that organization.
6. What kind of reports are being generated and how these reports are helpful for this
7. What types of software and database technologies are being used?
8. Elaborate key challenges of company which are being overcome with the help of information
9. Explain the hierarchy of staff which is handling information system in that organization.Assignment1solution.jpg (721×1021)

CS604 GDB Solution feb 2015

Is it possible to have a deadlock condition with a single process? Explain and justify your answer with reference to deadlock prevention method”.
Solution: No, it is not possible to have a deadlock condition in a single process.The deadlock involves a circular “hold-and-wait” condition between two or more processes, so “one” process cannot hold a resource, yet be waiting for another resource that it is holding. In addition, deadlock is not possible between two threads in a process, because it is the process that holds resources, not the thread that is, each thread has access to the resources held by the process.
There are four conditions that are necessary to achieve deadlock:
Mutual Exclusion – At least one resource must be held in a non-sharable mode; If any other process requests this resource, then that process must wait for the resource to be released.
Hold and Wait – A process must be simultaneously holding at least one resource and waiting for at least one resource that is currently being held by some other process.
No preemption – Once a process is holding a resource ( i.e. once its request has been granted ), then that resource cannot be taken away from that process until the process voluntarily releases it.
Circular Wait – A set of processes { P0, P1, P2, . . ., PN } must exist such that every P[ i ] is waiting for P[ ( i + 1 ) % ( N + 1 ) ]. ( Note that this condition implies the hold-and-wait condition, but it is easier to deal with the conditions if the four are considered separately. )

CS610 GDB Solution Feb 2015

“Is it difficult to work together with different network technologies? Justify this statement with at least two solid reasons.”

CS606 GDB Solution feb 2015

“Three types of Intermediate representation (IR) have been discussed in this course and i.e.

1. Graphical IRs

2. Linear IRs

3. Hybrid IRs

Selecting an appropriate IR for a compiler is critical step which depends on some important properties of IR. Speed and efficiency of compiler may vary according to these properties. You are required to discuss any three important properties of IR which may affect compiler’s speed and efficiency.”


CS410 GDB Solution Feb 2015

Using the dot net technologies we cannot develop an application that can run on android platform.
Solution:   Microsoft technologies promote Windows based application and the cannot run on android OS. But in future .net technologies will also develop and promote C# based products which can not only run on Windows but on iOS and Android too.  Microsoft makes .Net open-source, finally embraces iOS, Android, and Linux.

CS403 GDB Solution Feb 2015

The University of Texas is going to develop an application for its Alumnae Association as recently it has acquired a state of the art data center. The information may be like student name its region or current location of residence since it has a large record of Alumnae in manual form. Which indexing technique will be must faster for search of records form the following given indexing techniques, while having minimal usage of computational resources of the data center? Justify your answer with proper reasoning.

  • Dense Indexing
  • Sparse Indexing

Solution: Sparse Indexing will be used.

  • Index records are created only for some of the records.
  • To locate a record, we find the index record with the largest search key value less than or equal to the search key value we are looking for.
  • We start at that record pointed to by the index record, and proceed along the pointers in the file (that is, sequentially) until we find the desired record.

CS304 GDB Solution feb 2015

Can Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) replace Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Give your opinion with solid arguments.


Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
  1. Aspect Oriented Programming works at the complex software system as combined implementation of multiple concerns like business logic, data persistence, logging, security, multithread safety, error handling, and so on. Separates business logic code from the system level code. In fact one concern remains unaware of other concerns.
  2. AOP has join points, point cuts, advice, and aspects.
  3. AOP implementation coexists with the OOP by choosing OOP as the base language

CS302 GDB Solution Feb 2015

Discussion Topic

Programmable Logic devices can be used as replacement to logic gates and MSI chips, State that how these devices can have an effect on the performance of storage fundamentals, and also discuss which will give better performance? Give arguments in the support of your answer.

Solution: With programmable logic devices, designers use inexpensive software tools to quickly develop, simulate, and test their designs. Then, a design can be quickly programmed into a device, and immediately tested in a live circuit. The PLD that is used for this prototyping is the exact same PLD that will be used in the final production of a piece of end equipment, such as a network router, a DSL modem, a DVD player, or an automotive navigation system. There are no NRE costs and the final design is completed much faster than that of a custom, fixed logic device.

Another key benefit of using PLDs is that during the design phase customers can change the circuitry as often as they want until the design operates to their satisfaction. That’s because PLDs are based on re-writable memory technology – to change the design, the device is simply reprogrammed. Once the design is final, customers can go into immediate production by simply programming as many PLDs as they need with the final software design file.

PHY101 GDB Solution Feb 2015

The topic for the discussion is:
A room has one wall made of concrete, one wall made of copper, and one wall made of steel. All of the walls are the same size and at the same temperature of 20. Which wall feels coldest to the touch?
Select below the best choice according to your understanding and write the reason of your selected choice as well.
The copper wall
The steel wall
The concrete wall
All three wall equally cold to the touch
Elaborate your answer by giving a solid reason, give mathematical calculation (proof) where necessary.
Also you should remember that this Discussion is graded and maximum marks for this Graded Discussion Board 5% and it will count in your final Grade. So these marks may be helpful for you to get A grade from B and B grade from C and so on.
In the end you should also know that we will not extend the date of discussion in any case.
Plagiarism is prohibited that is why you are advised to avoid copy/paste from internet etc, if found at any stage will be graded as zero marks.
· All students are directed to use the font face Time new Roman and Font size 12.
Don’t use colorful back grounds in your solution.
Use Math Type or Equation Editor etc for mathematical symbols.
It also suggests you to keep your GDB solution safe from others. No excuse will be accepted by anyone if found to be copying or letting others copy.

Solution : when you touch one of the walls, heat flows from your hand to the lower-temperature wall. The more rapidly heat flows from your hand, the colder you will feel. Recall that the rate of heat flow is proportional to the thermal conductivity. Note also that, copper has a much higher thermal conductivity (385.0W/m’K) than steel (50.2W/m’K) or concrete (0.8 W/m. K), and so the copper wall feels the coldest to the touch.

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