STA630 Research Methods GDB Solution Fall 2017

STA630 (Research Methods) Topic: Ethical Issue in Research Total marks: 10 Due date: 22nd November 2017                                                                                Learning Objective: To make students learn the role of ethics to enhance research authenticity and quality Learning Outcomes:  It will enable students to learn about the importance of research ethics and how the code of ethics can be considered while doing a […]

MGT401 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

ASSIGNMENT NO. 01 DUE DATE: 22ND NOV, 2017 MARKS: 20 Assignment XYZ co. has the following purchases patterns for the month of august: August 1 100 units @ Rs. 11.00 12 90 units @ Rs. 9.50 15 50 units @ Rs. 9.50 20 90 units @ Rs. 9.40 Units sold during the month were: August […]

MGT501 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

An engineering firm offered unique benefit to its employees because employees could not attend the urgent meeting due to illness of the child. They know that baby-sitter will be of little help. If they had a child who was ill, too ill for regular day care, then that child would be cared for by an […]

ISL201 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

Question no 1 Ákhirah or Akhirat (Arabic: اﻶ ﺧ رة) nasiIslamic term referring to the afterlife. It is considered to be one of the six main beliefs of Muslims. Akhirah is not name of one event, it is the process of shifting for one Aalam to another and has many stages. In this assignment, you […]

ECO403 MACROECONOMICS Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

SEMESTER FALL 2017 MACROECONOMICS (ECO403) ASSIGNMENT DUE DATE: NOVEMBER 22, 2017 MARKS: 10 ASSIGNMENT: The Case: Senegal is located in West Africa and ninety two percent of country’s population is estimated to be Muslims. Overall population of Senegal is 15.41 million in 2016. Major exports are cotton, petroleum products and manufacturing goods while major imports […]

CS304 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

Problem Statement: We have the following part of class diagram showing composition relationship: You are required to implement above class diagram (complete program) in C++ with all data members, constructors, member functions and concept (composition) given in the class diagram/table 1. See the sample output to view the messages you need to print in constructors […]

CS301 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

Question:                                                                                                                                          Marks 20 Write a C++ program to balance three (3) stacks so the sum of numbers in each stack should be same. Your program should fulfill following requirements. 1)      Create three (3) stacks, initially each stack will have three same numbers. Number of each stack should be different from other stack numbers. You can […]

MKT501 Marketing Management Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

Assignment No: 01 Opening Date: Nov 10, 2017 Due Date: Nov 16, 2017 Marks: 10 Topic: “Customer Needs and Demands” Learning Objective:  To enable students identify the consumer needs and learn the ways of satisfying them being future marketers. Learning Outcome:  After attempting this activity, students will be able to learn different marketing […]

MGT611 Business & Labor Law Assignment 1 Solution 2017

Learning objective: To extract examples from your observation or experience that fits best in the situations where consent of a party deemed not free. Task Consent of a party is considered not free if it has been obtained through any of the following: 1) Coercion 2) Undue Influence 3) Misrepresentation 4) Fraud 5) Mistake You […]

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