ACC501 Business Finance Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012

Mr. Sohail is currently residing in New Jersey (USA) with his family including his wife and his 5-years old son Ali. He earns such amount of money, which is quite enough to run his house so he often gets worried when he thinks about his son’s education in future as he knows that the tuition fees in the state colleges are quite high at the moment and they will be even higher in future. Annual tuition fee in one of the state colleges is currently $14,500 and it has been increasing at a rate of 8% annually. Ali will be able to join the college after 10 years. Mr. Sohail has set aside $15,500 to invest in order to meet the education expenses of his son in future.
a) What will be the tuition fee of state college after 10 years? (4)


fv=p*(1+rt) or fv=p*(1+r)t

b) At what rate, Mr. Sohail should invest his $15,500 so that the value of his investment equates the tuition fee of state college after ten years? (6)

part b) … required rate should be found using this…

>> 31304 = 15500 x {(1+ x/100)^10} => (1+x/100)^10 = 2.0196

ABC Company is involved in the shoe manufacturing business and some of the financial figures of the
company are as follows:
Sales $750,000
Net Profit $80,000
Total assets Turnover 0.75 times
Total Debt Ratio 0.36 times
The company wants to increase its profits but it requires more investment of $250,000 in assets for opening new outlets. The company wishes to finance its new assets in equal proportion of debt and equity. There will be an increase in sales that will lead to a positive change of $20,000 in the profit of the company.


a) Calculate the Return on Assets (ROA), Return on Equity (ROE) before investment. (4)

Total Debt Ratio= Total Assets- Total Equity  / Total Assets

here the equity amount is not given

putting the values in eq.


(0.36* 1250,000)- 1250,000=Total equity

Total equity =  800,000

b) Do you think there is an impact of new investment on ROA and ROE? Support your answer with
calculations. (4)

c) As a manager of the company, do you recommend this change or not? (2)

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