Acc501 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 16 Feb 2012

total 69 question
62 mcqs related to discounting, cash flows, financial policy, asset management,
short question were
1:- cost of bankruptcy, and definition of bankruptcy
2:- how we measure the cost of debt
3:- characteristics of short term financial policy
4:- A question of effective annual interest rate calculation in which bank A offer 16.50% rate quarterly, and Bank B offers 16.75% rate semi annually, so we
have to decide which one is better to invest.(the answer was BANK A , As it offers 17.55% effective rate and bank B offers 17.45%)
5:- EDI (electronic data interchange) definition and advantage

Another Paper:

Total Questions were 69
MCQ s were conceptual and also included the short Numerical
Eg. If the stock
Price is $ xxx and the Rate is x% then what it the outcome after the tax where the tax is X%
And also about A/ Receivable period and the cash cycle
The subjective Questions were following:
What the static theory of optimal capital structure states? (3)
What the optimal capital structure ?(3)
” Unsystematic risk is essential to eliminate by the diversification” Explain(3)
Describe the Systematic risk and the unsystematic risk with different examples ? And what is retail business? (5)
Describe what is the relationship between the WACC and the capital structure? (5)
What are the types of the inventories of a manufacturing firm and also describe the diversification?
Make the balance sheet with the following detail (5)
Current assets 500000
Net fixed asset 700000
Short term debt 400000
Long term debt 25000