ACC501 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

Total Q’s=32


3 marks question=2

5 marks q’s=2

Bond calculation question of 5 marks

Bank A offers 17.8 interest rate quarterly

Bank B offers 18.3 interest rate semi-annually

Which one would be better offer for Arsalan?(5)

find the future value(3)

one question was about the theory of coupon rate and market (3)

study bond topic deeply

Subjective were somehow new

Another Paper

2marks question=2
3marks question=2
5 marks question=2

there were 5 subjective questions
1one is about determinants of term structure remaining 4 were numerical type 1numerical question was about sustainable growth rate 2nd was about return on equity,3rd was about earning per share 4th one about real and nominal interest rate.
MCQs sarey past pprs mey sey hi thy ratio sey related koe nhi aya mujya and mostly calculation waly he thy mcqs so wo zror krain.

32 marks ka ppr tha 27 mcqs & 5 questions subjective