ACC501 VU Solved Online Quiz No. 1 Spring 2012

Question # 1 of 10 ( Start time: 06:39:26 PM ) Total Marks: 1
Which of the following item provides the important function of shielding part of income from taxes?
Select correct option:
Question # 2 of 10 ( Start time: 06:40:38 PM ) Total Marks: 1
Time value of money is an important finance concept because:
Select correct option:

It takes risk into account
It takes time into account
it takes compound interest into account
All of the given options

Question # 3 of 10 ( Start time: 06:41:18 PM ) Total Marks: 1
The most common application of term “Finance” involves raising money to acquire_________.
Select correct option:
Land & Building
Machinery and Equipment
All of the given options

Question # 4 of 10 ( Start time: 06:41:58 PM ) Total Marks: 1
Head of Treasury department reports to whom?
Select correct option:
Financial and cost accountant
chief of financial officer
cash and credit manager
Board of directors

Question # 5 of 10 ( Start time: 06:43:20 PM ) Total Marks: 1
Which of the following is subcategory (ies) of finance department?
Select correct option:

Accounting department only
Treasury department only
Accouting department and Treasury department
None of the given options
Question # 6 of 10 ( Start time: 06:44:06 PM ) Total Marks: 1
Which of the following form of business organization is least regulated?
Select correct option:

General partnership
Limited Partnership

Question # 7 of 10 ( Start time: 06:44:46 PM ) Total Marks: 1
Which of the following terms refers to the use of debt financing?
Select correct option:

Operating Leverage
Financial Leverage
Manufacturing Leverage
None of the given options

Question # 8 of 10 ( Start time: 06:45:22 PM ) Total Marks: 1
JJ Inc. has a 4 percent return on total assets of Rs. 500,000 and a net profit margin of 5 percent. Total sales for JJ Inc. would be :
Select correct option:

Rs 150,000
Rs 200,000
Rs. 250,000
Rs 400,000

Question # 9 of 10 ( Start time: 06:46:45 PM ) Total Marks: 1
The conflict of interest between stockholders and management is known as:
Select correct option:

Agency Problem
Interest conflict
Mangement Conflict
Agency cost
Question # 10 of 10 ( Start time: 06:47:15 PM ) Total Marks: 1
If a firm uses cash to purchase inventory, its current ratio will:
Select correct option:
remain unaffected
Become zero