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MGMT623 GDB Solution Fall 2017

Question Title: Charismatic Leadership  Question Description Charismatic leaders create a good impression on the employees and have an appealing outlook. But are they worth the job they have been given or they are there just because of their personality? Over the time it has been observed and concerns have been raised that charismatic leaders are often incompetent and […]

ENG201 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

Q1. Suppose you are Regional Sales Manager of Merck & Co. and your company has formulated a revolutionary drug named MK-5172A for the cure of Hepatitis C virus. Write down a Direct Business Message to the pharmaceutical stores’ management for the sales purpose and use the following organizational chart in your business message for highlighting […]

CS304 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

Problem Statement: We have the following part of class diagram showing composition relationship: You are required to implement above class diagram (complete program) in C++ with all data members, constructors, member functions and concept (composition) given in the class diagram/table 1. See the sample output to view the messages you need to print in constructors […]

MCM301 Communication skills Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

Q. No.1. Suppose you are invited by an XYZ College to deliver a speech on the prevention of dengue in Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa. In this regard, plan your speech according to the given pattern and write about 300 words on it. Select a catchy title. (Other than the main heading given in the above text) Introduction […]

SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

Assignment Objective: Upon completion of this assignment, students will be able to understand about the concept of Marriage in different cultures and Freud’s Model of Personality Development. Background: Culture is the way of life that people adopts or we can say that it is their pattern of behavior. Culture includes: Intangible (non-material) items like values, […]

STA630 Research Methods GDB Solution Fall 2017

STA630 (Research Methods) Topic: Ethical Issue in Research Total marks: 10 Due date: 22nd November 2017                                                                                Learning Objective: To make students learn the role of ethics to enhance research authenticity and quality Learning Outcomes:  It will enable students to learn about the importance of research ethics and how the code of ethics can be considered while doing a […]

MGT401 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

ASSIGNMENT NO. 01 DUE DATE: 22ND NOV, 2017 MARKS: 20 Assignment XYZ co. has the following purchases patterns for the month of august: August 1 100 units @ Rs. 11.00 12 90 units @ Rs. 9.50 15 50 units @ Rs. 9.50 20 90 units @ Rs. 9.40 Units sold during the month were: August […]

MGT501 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

An engineering firm offered unique benefit to its employees because employees could not attend the urgent meeting due to illness of the child. They know that baby-sitter will be of little help. If they had a child who was ill, too ill for regular day care, then that child would be cared for by an […]

ISL201 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

Question no 1 Ákhirah or Akhirat (Arabic: اﻶ ﺧ رة) nasiIslamic term referring to the afterlife. It is considered to be one of the six main beliefs of Muslims. Akhirah is not name of one event, it is the process of shifting for one Aalam to another and has many stages. In this assignment, you […]