Assignment GDB Solution: BNK603 Consumer Banking


BNK603 Consumer Banking Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012

Scenario: In Pakistan, average lending rate of banks is reported at 13.06 % while the deposit rate was at 5.82% in first half of FY2012. This higher spread in the banking sector has increased the banks’ income rapidly. But, this increased spread has been discouraging potential savings and also a constraint on investment activities. As a result, this higher cost of funding to the private sector has been reducing the […]

BNK603 Comsumer Banking GDB Fall 2012 Solution

Topic: Trends of long term fixed-deposits in banking Learning Objective: The objective of this discussion is to enhance the students’ understanding and knowledge about fixed deposit trends in Pakistan. Discussion Question: For last few years, banking sector in Pakistan has changed its shape as banks have become investors instead of lenders. Now a day, banks […]