Assignment GDB Solution: CS001 Computer Proficiency


CS001 Computer Proficiency Assignment 4 Solution Fall 2013

Suppose you are working as an internee in examination department of Virtual University of Pakistan. Your supervisor gives you graded papers of five subjects of a class and asks you to compile this data and prepare result for the class using MS Excel.  You are required to Arrange data in spreadsheet in rows and columns showing student name […]

CS001 Computer Proficiency GDB Solution Spring 2013

Sorting of data is an integral part of data analysis. Sorting of data helps you quickly visualize and understand data. Based on the above statement assume that you are working as a data analyst in an organization named as The organization’s data consists of two types i.e. text and numeric data (dates, net sales and symbols i.e. alphanumeric data). In your opinion which application software among […]

CS001 Computer Proficiency Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2013

You are given an image of a birthday card. Your task is to design the same card in Microsoft Word. You can do this by using the following features of Microsoft Word: 1.      Border and shading (Page, card) 2.      Header 3.      Insert an image (any image) 4.      Font style and size 5.      Font Color, Bold 6.      Line spacing 7.      Italic, Underline 8.      Insert table 9.      Text […]

CS001 Computer Proficiency Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Question No 1:                                                                                                                           Marks 5       Practical work enables you to understand better. To achieve this goal, your teacher has decided to test your knowledge about computer components.  Some devices which include Mouse, Keyboard, Microphone, Printer, LCD, RAM, and Hard disk, USB, DVD and Trackball have been placed in front of you. Your task is to identify […]

CS001 Computer Proficiency GDB Fall 2012

Do you think that modern communication world has become global village? If yes/no then justify your opinion with solid reasons in four to five lines/points. Solution: Introduction The current developments in information technology and communication are really astounding. Over the last few years; there has been an explosion in the methods of communication. From the age of teleprinters, […]

CS001 Computer Proficiency Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012

Question No 1: Marks 5 Write the answer of each of the following question. 1) Suppose you are required to access a file named VU_CPL.doc on your system. The path of the file is D:VUVUCPLVU_CPL.doc How would you access the file? (2 marks) Solution: 1: Open My Computer 2: Open D Drive 3: Open Vu […]