Assignment GDB Solution: CS504 Software Engineering – I


CS504 Assignment 3 Solution Feb 2015

Objectives The objective of this assignment is: • To assess your overall understanding of Architectural Design Views. • To help you understand the Functional and Non-Functional Requirements. Note • This Assignment is a Graded Assignment. • The assignment should be in .doc format. Assignment in any format other than MS Word format will not be […]

CS504 Software Engineering – I Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2014

Scenario Description: In a very famous Option restaurant, they followed a specific system to speed up the preparation of meal. The manager provides table to the customer either directly or by call reservations. Each table assigns a number plate when it is reserved. A device is place in the table. It has three functions i.e. […]

CS504 Software Engineering Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2014

Project Description: “Intelligent aircraft system” must be a fast real time system, which includes various dimensions ranging from geographic localization towards target vision in any kind of situation e.g. Thunderstorm, Rain, Heavy, Clouds, Foggy Weather, Darkness of Night etc. The system is successful, if equipped with strong communication channel to its remote control tower and […]

CS504 Software Engineering – I GDB Solution Spring 2014

Discussion Topic Does the design pattern play any important role in the development of quality applications by using structured and object oriented paradigm? Justify your answer with logical reasons. Solution: Design patterns have two major benefits. First, they provide you with a way to solve issues related to software development using a proven solution. The […]

CS504 Software Engineering – I Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

Project Description: “National Hospital” is a famous hospital which is currently having manual system for all Records Management. Now Management decided to automate processes. They need a system for managing all records. Main functionalities of “Hospital Record Management System” are given below. For automated system areas of consideration are “Patient Record Management” and “Appointment /Checkup […]

CS504 Software Engineering Assignment No 4 Fall 2013

You are given a Research Paper, you have to study this paper and answer the following questions about this research paper. Question No. 1 10 Marks Write the summary of attached research paper with respect to Software debugging, testing, and verification in 8-10 lines. Question No. 2 10 Marks Draw the comparison in tabular form […]

CS504 Software Engineering GDB Solution Fall 2013

For designing a complex nature embedded system one group of thought said that object oriented modeling will be used and another group of thought said that structured oriented modeling will be used. As a software engineer you are required to analyze and design models for this system, so out of these two approaches which approach is suitable and why? Justify your answer with […]

CS504 Software Engineering I Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Project Description: Instant messaging is a fast and popular, low cost, lightweight communication medium and is very affective in-home online socializing to business related communication. Instant messaging is now a significant area of research and development. Instant Messaging is defined as “the act of instantly communicating between two or more people over a network such […]

CS504 Software Engineering GDB Solution Spring 2013

Discussion Topic  Software Architecture is the organizational structure of a system. Architecture can be recursively decomposed into parts that interact through interfaces, relationships that connect parts and constraints for assembling parts. Parts that interact through interfaces include classes, components and subsystems. Whether software architecture plays any role to satisfy the non-functional requirements? Justify your answer with strong arguments.  Solution: Becoming a software architect […]