Assignment GDB Solution: CS507 Information Systems


CS507 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2018

Scenario: KFC has launched a loyalty mobile app to facilitate their customers to place orders. The detail of the steps is given below. Any customer can download the mobile app and provide his/her personal information such as name, gender, date of birth, address, and contact number. A customer, who has birthday, can purchase promotional deals. […]

CS507 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018

Assignment A system is a group of elements that are integrated with the common purpose of achieving certain objectives. Every system consists of basic components which formulates certain systems. Consider the example of an air conditioner that also belongs to some type of system. An air conditioner has turned on in a room. Thermostat helps […]

CS507 Information Systems Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

Question No. 01                                                                                                                        20 Marks In this course you have studied about the few concepts of the Information systems and its various terms such as Need for Information, Need for Organization, Size of the Organization and Information Requirements, Organizational Structure Pyramid/Tall/Hierarchical, Effect of Changes in Environment, Components of a System, Strategic Planning for Information Resources, Information […]

CS507 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2015

Computer applications are need of businesses to add great value in enhancing the business processes. Lots of decisions are taken by each management level of the organization to look after day to day business activities. Information systems are considered backbone of large organizations to run business smoothly and survive in this competitive mark. You are […]

CS507 Information Systems Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2014

ABC bank is using a computer based information system. Keeping in view the following cases in mind, you are required to identify the different types of Information Systems suitable for these cases and write their number in corresponding columns: —————————————————————- Transaction Processing System Management Information System Office Automation System Decision Support System Executive Support System […]

CS507 Information Systems Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2014

Question No 1: Marks: 10 Different management styles work in different situations. What management style matches if as a leader you: 1. Tell others what to do 2. Gather others feedback before deciding 3. Influence others to do things your way 4. Make sure the majority rules 5. Make your own decisions 6. Suggest a […]

CS507 Information Systems GDB Solution Spring 2014

The topic of the Graded Discussion Board (GDB) will be as follows: A bank is receiving a large number of complaints from their customers about credit being deducted from their accounts without their knowledge. Due to these complaints, bank’s reputation is badly affected and customers are switching to other banks. Bank management is much worried about this situation because the bank is going in loss […]

CS507 Information Systems Assignment 4 Solution Spring 2014

Question No.1 2.5+2.5 Access Controls are implemented in any organization to increase the security. Type of access control vary according to situation and level of security needed. Two situations are given below and you have to identify the type of access control applied in each one of them. A) An organization wants each individual to […]

CS507 Information Systems Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

Assignment Scenario: Marks: 10(2+2+6) Jasmine Collection is a large scale Textile Company and trading mainly in Pakistan with little or no foreign turnaround. This company has different departments like Production, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Stock, Sales, Quality control and many more. There are many branches of this company throughout the country and a lot of employees are working in each department. Due to […]

CS507 Information Systems Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2013

The given Flow Chart is the graphical representation for the functionality of an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) situated in a Bank. The Functionality of ATM is given below: Machine first displays a message “Welcome! Please enter the PIN code”. It checks, whether the entered PIN code is valid or not? In case, if the PIN code is […]