Assignment GDB Solution: CS601 Data Communication


CS601 GDB Solution Feb 2015

Scenario: “” is a large online streaming company operating in America, this company has implemented packet switching for media streaming, keeping in view the importance of packet buffers; packet switches with various sizes of packet buffers are already installed in company’s network. For Media streaming, network administrator has assured to use efficient queue management algorithms […]

CS601 Data Communication Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2014

Question No.1 (10 Marks) Let us consider a computer network in which each computer has number of I/O ports equal to 8. In this network every device has dedicated point to point link to every other device. You are required to fill in the following table with correct answers: Number of computers Calculations 9 I/O […]

CS601 Data Communication GDB Solution Spring 2014

Discussion Topic A well reputed organization wants to implement a communication network among its head office and three branches in a city. The communication technology should be able to serve with good quality of service (QoS) and reliability. The organization has to choose either Wi-Fi or WiMAX. In your opinion, which of the given technique is more suitable for such scenario? Give two proper reasons […]

CS601 Data Communication Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

Question 1:   (5 Marks) Identify the TCP/IP layer against each of the protocols given in the following table: Solution Protocols TCP/IP Layers ICMP Network TCP Transport SMTP Application UDP Transport IP Network In Dolphins, the audible range of frequencies is usually 1000 to 130,000 Hz. You have to calculate the bit rate of upper limit assuming 6 bits per […]

CS601 Data Communication Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2013

Assignment Question 1:   (10 Marks) a) Assume that a sports channel is using FM (frequency modulation) for broadcasting its transmission. You are required to calculate the bandwidth of broadcasted signal (modulated) in KHz for each of the following signals: Modulating signal with a bandwidth of 15 KHz. Modulating signal with frequencies of 4000 to 7000 Hz. Answer: Bw(modulated signal) […]

CS601 Data Communication Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2013

Question 1:   (10 Marks) You are required to represent the data stream 1001101001 using the following encoding schemes on different graphs separately. NRZ-L NRZ-I Question 2:   (5 Marks) a) A periodic signal has a bandwidth of 700 Hz and its lowest frequency is 200 Hz; find out its highest frequency with all necessary steps. b) Consider the […]

CS601 Data Communication Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2013

Question 1:   (10 Marks) Which of the layer(s) of the OSI model performs the following functions? Sr. No. Functions OSI Layer(s) 1 Route determination  Network Layer 2 Reliable process to process delivery  Transport Layer 3 Provides user services such as email and file transfer  Application Layer 4 Error correction and retransmission  Data Link Layer 5 Establishes, manages and terminates session  Session Layer 6 […]