Assignment GDB Solution: CS601 Data Communication


CS601 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2018

Question #1: Consider that a company has five regional offices i.e. Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar. All branches communicate with each other by sharing data through central site. Find out which network type will be suitable for this scenario. Sol: As WAN can connect different smaller networks (LAN) and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). So,Wide […]

CS601 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2018

Questions:                                                                                                                                Marks 10     Question. 1                                                                                                                     (5 Marks)  Given below diagram shows the signal encoding of bit stream using B8ZS. You are required to give the missing bits in the given bit stream for this encoding in given table. Signal encoding Using B8ZS Bit stream   0 0 0     0   0 0 […]

CS601 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018

Question No. 1 In a network environment, two stations (A and B) are communicating with each other using a wired transmission medium. The information is being carried in the form of digital signal, where each level of the digital signal is converted to its respective binary representation before transmitting. If the digital signal has 12 […]

CS601 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2017

Question No.1:                                                                                                        12 Marks Consider a noisy channel, which has a bandwidth of 400KHz and theoretical channel capacity of 4.01Mbps (according to Shannon Capacity formula).  Calculate the Signal Power received at the receiver end if the Noise Power is .001 Watt. Also calculate the signal to noise ratio of the channel in dB (SNRdB).        […]

CS601 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

Instructions: Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting the assignment: You will submit your assignment before or on due date on VU-LMS. Assignment sent via Email will not be replied and accepted/graded in any case. If the submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt, it will not be graded. Assignment should be […]

CS601 Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2017

 Question  No. 1 Imagine a signal (P1) travels through an amplifier and its power is increased 20 times. This means that P2 (the amplified signal) =20P1. You are required to calculate the amplification (gain of power) by writing all necessary calculations and formula. Question No. 2 Suppose that S/N i.e. signal to noise ratio = […]

CS601 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2017

Question No. 1 Following table contains the list of popular protocols being widely used in Data Communication. You are required to mention the corresponding OSI Layer against each protocol. Serial No. Protocol OSI Model Layer 1 ICMP Network Layer 2 FDDI Data Link Layer 3 SMTP Application Layer 4 UDP Transport Layer 5 HDLC Data […]

CS601 GDB Solution Feb 2015

Scenario: “” is a large online streaming company operating in America, this company has implemented packet switching for media streaming, keeping in view the importance of packet buffers; packet switches with various sizes of packet buffers are already installed in company’s network. For Media streaming, network administrator has assured to use efficient queue management algorithms […]

CS601 Data Communication Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2014

Question No.1 (10 Marks) Let us consider a computer network in which each computer has number of I/O ports equal to 8. In this network every device has dedicated point to point link to every other device. You are required to fill in the following table with correct answers: Number of computers Calculations 9 I/O […]

CS601 Data Communication GDB Solution Spring 2014

Discussion Topic A well reputed organization wants to implement a communication network among its head office and three branches in a city. The communication technology should be able to serve with good quality of service (QoS) and reliability. The organization has to choose either Wi-Fi or WiMAX. In your opinion, which of the given technique is more suitable for such scenario? Give two proper reasons […]