Assignment GDB Solution: CS602 Computer Graphics


CS602 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018

Assignment In this assignment, you are provided with a small startup code attached with this assignment in folder “Startup_Code”. Your job is to add some code as desired in this assignment. First, you need to understand the working of the given code and execute it in Dev-C++. This program essentially draws some text and a […]

CS602 Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2017

Suppose, if a position vector X is represented by [x y z 1] and for a stated scenario the values of variable are x=6, y=3, and z=5 respectively . You are required to apply the following transformation operation in a sequence. Translate by 8, -5, 7 in x, y, and z respectively. Rotate by +55° […]

CS602 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2017

Answer the following questions. Each question carry equal marks: 1.      A system has a resolution of 800 * 720. For a given pixel P(x, y) = (300, 450), you are required to calculate the address of pixel P in this system. [5 Marks] How much time is spent scanning across each row of pixels during screen refresh on a […]

CS602 Computer Graphics Assignment 4 Solution Spring 2014

Q1. Write a program in C/C++ to draw a house on the screen using Opengl library. Follow the instructions given below.                                                                                                                                          10 Marks 1.       Declare a BuildHouse(void) function. 2.       In this function call 5 independent glBegin(GL_POLYGON) functions of glut utility to draw each object like: to start house, to start 1st window, to start 2nd window, to start ceiling and to start door. 3.       Use glColor3f( ,  , ); function to set color of […]

CS602 Computer Graphics Assignment 4 Solution Fall 2013

Question: Write a program in C/C++ to draw a circle on the screen using Opengl library. See the Assignment4demo    along with the assignment file. You have to draw the circle on screen. The circle should bounce at equal intervals. At each bounce the size of the circle should be reduced.  Follow the instructions given below. Instructions: The background color should be red. Circle should be hollow The outline of the […]

CS602 Computer Graphics Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2013

 Questions: Answer the   following questions. Each question carry equal marks:    Draw a timeline to show advancement   in field of computer graphics?  5   A raster system is using 10 X 12   inches screen and 100 pixels per inch. Calculate aspect ratio for this   system. 5 Write   an assembly program to […]

CS602 Computer Graphics GDB Solution Spring 2013

Suppose you are a newly appointed graphics designer and consultant at “FARO gaming Technologies” a leading company for the game development. It’s a charm for you to work here. You are assigned your first project (which is a base for your job security). While working on this project, a situation arises in which you have to find which among […]

CS602 Computer Graphics Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Question 1                                                                                                                                                        //4 marks Suppose you want to see a 3D cartoon movie of 10 second length in RGB mode having a resolution of 1024 x786 at 60 Hz. If clip is organized in a way that after every refresh cycle a new frame is to be loaded then how much data has to be moved by […]

CS602 Computer Graphics Assignment 4 Fall 2012

Question No. 1 [5] Suppose a light ray traveling through the air intersects the surface of diamond at an angle of 50o degrees, Find at which angle this light ray will be refracted from the diamond’s surface? Take, Refractive Index of Diamond, n diamond = 2.4 Refractive Index of Air, n air = 1 Solution: […]