Assignment GDB Solution: CS605 Software Engineering II


CS605 Software Engineering II Assignment 2 Solution

Question No. 1 Mira Soft is a software house which has completed a project of Human Resource Management (HRM) system for one of its client. During the development of this software, 65 errors were found before delivery of this software. After completion, this HRM system was delivered to the client. Within only 8 months of […]

CS605 Software Engineering-II Assignment 1 Solution

Question No. 1                                                                                                                          5 Marks Suppose you are working in a software development company as a project manager.  This company is currently working on a project of developing software system for space crafts. The project is associated with very high risk element.  As a project manager which Software Development Life Cycle model you will choose […]

CS605 Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2017

Alpha Company is a software house currently working on a project of Hotel management system. Alpha Company has to complete this project in 30 days. Draw the Task network diagram for Alpha Company to complete this project, the information about each task is given below: Name of Task Description of Task Duration in days Immediate […]

CS605 Software Engineering-II Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2014

Question No. 1 Systems Ltd. is a local software development organization that has recently achieved the CMM level-3 (at least as per their claim). However, before applying for certification of this level, they have hired you as consultant to verify this level for Systems Ltd. List some of the activities/tasks (performed by Systems Ltd.) that […]

CS605 Software Engineering-II GDB Solution Spring 2014

There are two types of technical reviews, Formal technical review and informal technical review. What type of review you prefer for software applications. Justify your answer with reasons. Solution: I would prefer Formal Technical Review (FTR). Formal Technical Reviews are conducted by software engineers for software projects. The primary objective is to find errors during […]

CS605 Software Engineering-II Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

Q.1  An automobile company wants to develop an Inventory Control System for its business. The project manager has been asked to develop an Inventory Control System on urgent basis. AS an I.T. consultant what you will decide whether to build software will be more cost effective or there are other options to be adopted to get software on urgent basis.                                                                      5 […]

CS605 Software Engineering-II Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2014

Q.1   What is the effect of defining a protoype on the overall cost of the software project ?          5 In a model, a prototype (an early approximation of a final system or product) is built, tested, and then reworked as necessary until an acceptable prototype is finally achieved from which the complete system or product can now be developed  Q.2   […]

CS605 Software Engineering-II Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2013

Q.1       For two projects i.e. Project-A and Project-B, consider the following values of “Mean Time To Failure (MTTF)” and “Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)”.     MTTF MTBF Project-A 30 40 Project-B 25 35 Using the above information, find out that the availability of which application is high.                           10 Project A:- Availability = (MTTF/MTBF) x 100 Availability = (30/40) […]

CS605 Software Engineering-II Mid Term Paper Fall 2013

CS605 Software Engineering 2 70 % MCQs was from past papers and quizzes Subjective Part: Two Characteristics of Risk Difference between measure and metric Proactive and Reactive Approach of Risk management Build or Buy, Diagram was given, we have to identify either to build or buy? Usability ke mutaliq question tha ke usability use karein […]