Assignment GDB Solution: CS609 System Programming


CS609 Assignment 3 Solution Feb 2015

Assignment Question: [Marks = 20] Write a C program in BORLANDC to read the information about extended partition of your system’s hard disk using extended 13H services. The program should display the following information by reading the data part of the partition table. ü  End Cylinder ü  Boot Record with respect to start of partition ü  […]

CS609 System Programming Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2014

Question 1 : Write a C program that should write the value of ‘w’ in the keyboard buffer whenever the letter ‘a’ is pressed from keyboard. Solution:  #include #include void interrupt (*oldint15) ( ); void interrupt newint15(unsigned int BP, unsigned int DI, unsigned int SI, unsigned int DS, unsigned int ES, unsigned int DX, unsigned […]

CS609 System Programming GDB Solution Spring 2014

Increase in NTFS cluster size will decrease the volume size. Support or contradict this statement with proper logic. Solution: The maximum NTFS volume size is 264−1 clusters. However, the maximum NTFS volume size as implemented in Windows XP Professional is 232−1 clusters partly due to partition table limitations. For example, using 64 kB clusters, the […]

CS609 System Programming Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2014

Dear Student, This is very easy assignment which requires only the implementation of a given program. This implementation will build your understanding of BIOS interrupt 13H routine more clearly. So, do not paste your solution from any kind of source. Just do and describe what happens and how you tackle the errors if any. Question:                                                                                                                               Marks 20   Implement the program of lecture number […]

CS609 System Programming Assignment 4 Solution Fall 2013

Question: Ahwas installed 64 bit operating system on his PC. Unfortunately, his system crashed and could not boot even in the safe mode. He has two equal partitions of his 120 GB hard drive. He has an important data on his secondary partition. He has a DOS bootable USB drive with FAT16 structure. Is it possible for Ahwas to access his […]

CS609 System Programming Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2013

Question: Implement the program of lecture number 27 by using the BORLANDC compiler. File path of this program should be at the root directory of D partition and the file name should be LBA.txt. After the implementation of this program you take a memory dump which shows the successive operation of this program.  Also describe the values […]

CS609 System Programming Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2013

Question 1: Serial port contains a special chip for input/output which can communicate in two different modes. Explore and describe these modes and which one is better in the serial communication. Note: Solutions containing the image of any text will reward zero marks. Solution: UARTs (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) are serial chips on your PC […]

CS609 System Programming Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2013

Question 1:                                                                                                                               Marks 00      Suppose we are going to program PIC. How can you write the C statements for the following requirements: 1. To access the values of registers. 2. To access the values of IRR (Interrupt Request Register) 3. To read the value of port 20 and place in a variable “a”. 4. To read […]

CS609 System Programming Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2013

Question 1:                                                                                                                               Marks 10      Can we use DMA in protected mode or virtual mode of memory? Explain your answer with a solid reason. Solution:  The process for performing DMA transfers in the protected mode Windows environment should be similiar to the process for performing DMA transfers in the real mode MS-DOS environment. In both environments, […]

CS609 System Programming Assignment 02 Solution Spring 2013

Question 1:                                                                                                                               Marks 08        Answer the following questions precisely. Do not include irrelevant data in your answers. (1 mark for each) Q.1. Which type of communication is feasible for a large distance? (a) communication through null modem is the best way for long distance Q.2. Which signals performs Handshaking and Polling? Q.3. Where the […]