Assignment GDB Solution: CS610 Computer Network


CS610 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2018

Assignment  Question – 1 Suppose as a network administrator, you want to check the connectivity of following websites using Ping command: By default ping command uses 32 bytes packet size but you are required to change the packet size with last 3 digit of your VUID then take the screen shot of the […]

CS610 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2018

Assignment  Question – 1 In a network, a bridge keeps the list of all the devices attached with the segment. The following figure shows computer A, B and C are connected to segment-1 and computer E, F and G are connected to segment-2. You are required to fill the following table with the specific information […]

CS610 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2018

Question – 1 Suppose a multinational organization has computer network of 600 devices in its head office where its LAN has different segments. It also has different offices situated in different cities which are connected with head office. Considering above scenario, answer the following questions. All computers in LAN of head office will be centrally […]

CS610 Assignment 3 solution Spring 2017

Assignment No. 03 Semester: Spring 2017 CS610 –Computer Networks Question: Convert following IP addresses into decimal notation. Also identify IP Class, total number of networks and  hosts for the following IPs : Marking Scheme:  5 Marks for each part (1+2+2= 5 Marks)      Total: 5 * 4 = 20 Marks (i): 00001100. 00101001. 00001010. 00000001 (ii): 10000001. 01110000. […]

CS610 Computer Network Assignment 3 Feb 2015

Question: Consider you are working as a network administrator in XYZ company .You are assigned the following tasks Task 1 Change the IP addresses from binary notation to dotted-decimal, address and also identify the IP address class. 1. 11000001 10000011 00011011 11111111 2. 11100111 11011011 10001011 01101111 Solution: Q.11000001 10000011 00011011 11111111 ANS Q.11100111 […]

CS610 Computer Network Quiz 1 Fall 2014

1: The topology each computer is connected to a central hub is called Star PG:25 Ring Mesh Bus A ———- relies on the hardware manufacturer to assign a unique physical address to each network interface. Static addressing scheme Dynamic addressing scheme Configured addressing scheme None of these According to their size there are…………classifications of networks. […]

CS610 Computer Network GDB Solution Spring 2014

Graded Discussion: Scenario: “For communication across Internet, TCP/IP protocol suit is used for achieving universal services and routers are used to connect different networks. TCP is one of the major transport protocol used in TCP/IP protocol suit which provides reliable data delivery service to applications. Suppose two applications use TCP to establish a connection, communicate, […]

CS610 Computer Networks GDB Solution Fall 2013

Scenario: “Social INC is an organization responsible for running is a large social networking website; this website is currently working around the world. For World Wide operations Social INC has launched many large servers around the world. Including Video and Audio streaming servers, data bank servers and Image servers. These servers are attached with different physical networks which may have […]

CS610 Computer Network Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2013

Assignment Question No.1 Marks 5 Given below is a list of IP addresses based on different classes of IP addresses. You are required to write the number of bits used to identify an individual computer (host) on the network, for each given IP address in the table below. S. No  IP address           […]