Assignment GDB Solution: ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing


ENG201 Assignment 3 Solution Feb 2015

Q.1 Write a paragraph of 150 to 200 words on ‘the effects of isolation on human life’. THE EFFECTS OF ISOLATION ON HUMAN LIFE Isolation in human life refers to loneliness or living alone. Isolation is a complex and usually unpleasant emotional response to loneliness or lack of companionship. Isolation typically includes anxious feelings about a […]

ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Assignment 3 Spring 2014

Q.1      Write an analogy paragraph of 150-200 words describing the process of ‘Reading a good book’ Note: In the analogy paragraph, use a valid analogy to describe the process of book reading. Avoid using a weak analogy. Solution: Analogy examples with corresponding meanings are the best way to show the meaning of the word “analogy.” The following is a list of some […]

ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing GDB Solution Spring 2014

Graded Discussion Board for Business and Technical English (Eng201) will open on 17-07-2014. Its closing date is 18-07-2014. Give your views on any ONE the following topics: 1. “Revolution is an outdated slogan in today’s world”. Comment 2.”Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Comment […]

ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Final Paper March 2014

informational reports diff b/w good,bad and effective listening how instructions are written topic sentence and its function Questions of 3 marks correction in sentences preperation before speech importance of correctness charts are very informative.explain Questions of marks 2 Define diagram use of ! 1 disadvantage of overblown of presentation

ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2013

Q.1. Keeping in mind the current talk of gender-biasness in present day market, produce two paragraphs separately on the topic of ‘Role of women in Modern Day Job System’. The first paragraph should contain the elements of gender-biasness and the second one should be gender-bias free. Each paragraph should NOT exceed the word limit of 150-200 words. […]

ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing GDB Solution Fall 2013

“Do you think that language learning can better be learnt in a synchronous mode (simultaneous/real time communication with immediate feedback, e.g. webinars, chat forums) or asynchronous mode (communication with delayed feedback, e.g. emails, discussion boards, assignments), or a blend of the two?” Solution: Asynchronous learning is based on constructivist theory, a student-centered approach that emphasizes the […]

ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2013

Q.1. Read the following memorandum and answer the questions given below:                                                                                                Marks 2+2+2+4 = 10 As I’ve conversed with many of you over the past several months, I’ve frequently heard you inquire, “Are we attempting to manufacture too many new products? Do we really require such an extensive line?” My initial response is to emphasize the importance of […]

Eng201 Assignment No. 03 Solution Spring 2013

Q.1. Assume yourself as the marketing manager of Doriya Textile Company. You want to introduce your newly manufactured FABRIC in the market. How will you use the following visual aids for the advertisement/promotion campaign of your Fabric?                                                                                                        (10 Marks) • Photographs • Drawings Note: You may use Visuals (i.e. pictures) to support your answer.  Solution:  Solution:- As […]

ENG201 Business and Technical English GDB Solution Spring 2013

Discussion Topic: It has been said by Andy Warhol that “In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.” Describe your fifteen minutes. Solution:It is very hard to choose for one, which experience is the one that helped, changed, taught them or made them famous but I have chosen my fifteen minutes of glory. My fifteen […]

ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing Assignment 2 Solution 2013

Q1. ‘Technical English is not the part of technology’. Enumerate your own views in a coherent paragraph in 100-150 words.        (5 Marks) Technical English is not a part of Technology  because a great number of people around the globe do not know English but they are technical experts.For example Chinese engineers and Italians German Teaching […]