Assignment GDB Solution: ENG301 Business Communication


ENG301 Business Communication Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2014

Q1. You purchase a stylish calculator watch, Model C469, which has a musical alarm that you really like. The watch comes with a warranty that guarantees material and workmanship for one year. After six months of use, the musical alarm quits working. You have your original sales receipt and the warranty. Write a claim letter […]

ENG301 Business Communication GDB Solution Spring 2014

Graded Discussion Board for Business Communication (ENG301) will be opened on 22-07-2014 and closed on 23-07-2014. Comment on anyone of the following topics: ‘When you do what you fear the most, then you can do anything.’ Comment.  OR ‘The discontent and frustration that you feel is entirely your own creation.’ Comment.  Read the following instructions carefully before posting your comments: Your comments should not exceed 100-120 […]

ENG301 Business Communication GDB Solution Fall 2013

“Do you think that language learning can better be learnt in a synchronous mode or asynchronous mode, or a blend of the two?” Note: Synchronous mode refers to simultaneous/real time communication with immediate feedback, e.g. webinars, Chat forums whereas Asynchronous mode means communication with delayed feedback, e.g. e mail, discussion boards, assignments. Solution: 

ENG301 Business Communication Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2013

Q1.Keeping in mind your knowledge of intercultural communication, choose the correct options for the given questions.                                                    (10)   (i)                 You are at a grocery store in USA. You are getting the last ingredient of your candle light dinner with someone special. As you turn over to grab some strawberries, you brush past an old lady. What would you say?   […]

ENG301 Business Communication Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2013

Objective: To assess students’ understanding of Business Communication and motivate them for acquiring conceptual knowledge and practical application of the subject Instructions: Late assignments will not be accepted. If the file is corrupt or problematic, it will be marked zero. Plagiarism will never be tolerated. Plagiarism occurs when a student uses work done by someone else as if it was his […]

ENG301 Business Communication GDB Solution Spring 2013

The discussion topics are: “The real art of Conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place, but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” Comment. OR   “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.” Comment. Solution: The phrase “he who can, does; he who cannot, teaches” is a criticism of the […]

ENG301 Business Communication Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2013

Q1.    Individual cultural variables are very important to comprehend intercultural communication. Justify the statement with the help of three individual cultural variables.                                                                                           (10)      Solution: Q2.      Fill in the blanks with suitable words.                                                            (5)                                                                                                                                           i.                    The principle of correctness relies not only on grammar and spelling but on __________ as well.   punctuation commas […]

ENG301 Business Communication Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Q1: ‘Artifacts play a key role in establishing first impressions at workplace’. Discuss.                                                                                     […]

ENG301 Business Communication Final paper 23 February 2013

All Mcq’s from past papers. Do prepare Mcq’s from the file given in the same discussion “GOLDEN FILE OF ENG301 FOR FINAL TERM EXAM PREPARATION” its so helpful =))   Q of 2 marks 1. Define Denotation 2. why title of the page is important in writing proposals   Q of 3 marks 1. define […]