Assignment GDB Solution: FIN621 Financial Statement Analysis


FIN621 Financial Statement Analysis GDB Solution Fall 2012

Financial Statement Analysis (FIN621) Topic/Area for Discussion:  “Inventory Valuation Methods” Muhammad Bazil Hassan is a renowned artist and famous for his spiritual and mystical paintings. He has been working as an artist for the past ten years. He has organized many successful exhibitions locally and globally. Recently, one of his paintings titled “The real glory” earned much […]

FIN621 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 9 December 2012

Todays paper of FIN 621 22 MCQ’s  Mostly from past paper 3 Question 3 Marks each 2 Questions of 5 Marks each MCQ’s are Question No: 3    ( Marks: 1 )    – Please choose one To determine the balance of a particular account, one should refer to which of the following?   ► Ledger   ► […]

FIN621 Financial Statement Analysis Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012

Ambler Diversification Limited (ADL) has a diversified line of business. The owner of the company, Mr. Ibad Ahmad, is a young and enthusiastic person and is always willing to invest in diverse projects to capitalize good amount of earnings. ADL has two major separate lines of businesses – beverages and financial services. At the beginning of 2011, Mr. Ibad decided […]

FIN621 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Apex consignment is a small online store and sells items over Internet for individuals on consignment basis. Apex has only one major supplier from whom it receives the items. Thereafter, lists these items for sale on the Internet and receives 25% commission for any item sold. Apex collects the full payment from the buyer but […]

FIN621 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

QUESTION: What is the difference between expense and expenditure? (3) Question: What is the principle advantage of using direct method of cash flow statement? (3) Question: Why should company prefer to use LIFO instead of FIFO? QUESTION: Complete the table : sales Beginning inventory Net purchases Ending inventory Cost of good sold Gross profit Operating […]