Assignment GDB Solution: FIN622 Corporate Finance


FIN622 GDB 1 Solution Spring 2018

After doing this activity, students will be able to learn the limitations in Gordon Growth model and provide logical reasoning in support of author’s view in this article. Dividend Growth Model: One of the simplest stock valuation models is the dividend growth model, often attributed to Gordon (1962). For instance, suppose that a firm pays […]

FIN622 Corporate Finance GDB 1 Solution Fall 2017

Total Marks5Starting DateMonday, November 06, 2017Closing DateMonday, November 13, 2017StatusOpenQuestion TitleGraded Discussion BoardQuestion Description Learning Outcome: After doing this activity, students will be able to understand the nature of relationship between bonds price and the factors affecting it. GDB: Theoretical literature on bonds valuation concludes that “all other things being the same, the price of […]

FIN622 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2017

Question: Blue Private Limited company is in a packaging business and manufacturer of cardboard boxes for a courier service. The company has received a large packaging order and anticipates the need to go to its bank to increase its borrowings. Thus, the financial manager of the company has been given the task to forecast the […]

FIN622 GDB Solution Spring 2017

Question: Dividend discount model is a widely used common stock valuation technique suitable for stocks of companies paying all or some of their earnings in the form of dividends to their shareholders. Firms which pay all their earnings in the form of dividends have zero growth rate (g=0) since they have nothing to reinvest from […]

FIN622 Corporate Finance Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2014

Assignment Question: MRS Enterprises wants to evaluate a new project having 6 years expected life, with the following information: New fixed capital investment is Rs. 2, 000,000 and initial investment in net working capital is Rs. 200,000. At the end of each year, additional net working capital will be required to have cumulative investment in net working capital […]

FIN622 Corporate Finance Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

Seasons Corporation is a listed company which produces cooking oil. Now the company has an intention to introduce its new product range of “Frozen items” in the market. For this purpose a new plant is required. This project will require a lot of funds. Company has a plan to finance it by issuing bonds and stocks in the […]

FIN622 Corporate Finance Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012

R&T Corporation is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. R&T has been severing this industry for the last 15 years contributing a considerable share in the industry profits. The industry is at its growing stage, so companies have to upgrade themselves to keep pace with arising challenges and to meet the arising needs […]

FIN622 Corporate Finance GDB Solution Fall 2012

JR is a medium scale company working in leather industry. From the analysis of last year’s financial performance that was not satisfactory in term of operational efficiency and profits, management of JR Company has decided to go for capital restructuring. Major objectives of capital restructuring are to improve profits and modification in ownership framework. Currently […]

FIN622 Corporate Finance Quiz 3 Fall 2012

If a creditor wanted to know if a potential customer paid its bills on time, the creditor could look at the potential customer’s:   Current ratio. Acid ratio. Average age of accounts payable. Average age of accounts receivable   Suppose you need the present value interest factor for 12 percent compounded quarterly for 10 years. […]