Assignment GDB Solution: FIN624


FIN624 GDB Solution Spring 2018

By applying the theory of factors of production what do you think that, what are the  factors of production in (1) Capitalistic point of view and (2) Islamic point of view? Is  there a difference between the both concepts with reference to factors of production? If ‘YES’ then on which grounds? If ‘NO’ then why?

FIN624 Islamic Mode of Financing Quiz 4 Spring 2014

Which of the following best describes the term Riba? Select correct option:  Surplus value with counterpart not sure  Surplus value without counterpart  Capital gains  None of the given options Which one is considered the most ideal alternative for the interest based financing Musharaka  Ijarah (Leasing)  Murabaha not sure  Salam Which one is the basic principle […]

FIN624 Islamic Mode of Financing GDB 1 Solution Spring 2014

CASE: Mr. A & Mr. B form a partnership (Shirkat-ul-Aqd) where capital, management, profit, risk and labor are taken at par while Mr. C & Mr. D entered into the same type of partnership where partners settled the terms for capital, management, profit, risk and labor on inequality basis. Discussion Questions: Identify the types of “Shirkah” chosen by “Mr. […]