Assignment GDB Solution: Final Project


Online Restaurant Coupon Deals project in Spring 2012

Online Restaurant Coupon Deals Core Website Elements The website will include the following core elements:  Elegant & Interactive Design  Home page with latest news, offers etc.  General content pages for static information (About Us, Services, Contact Us etc.)  Dynamic search engine  Image gallery and dynamic flash header module  News/Events […]

Poultry Farming System Project in spring 2012

Poultry Farming System In Pakistan the consumption of white meat and eggs has gradually increased in recent years due to growing health awareness. The cheapest source of animal protein available inPakistanis broiler meat and eggs. Poultry applies to a wide variety of birds of several species including chicken, pigeons, ducks, ostriches, quails etc but for […]

Social Networks Marketing Engine project in spring 2012

Social Networks Marketing Engine  Social websites like Face book and Twitter have become very popular recently and they could potentially provide valuable information such as current market trend. The general goal of this project is to understand the underlying social networks, extract useful information, and utilize the collected data in decision making. Here are some […]

Multipurpose Viva Exam System project in spring 2012

Multipurpose Viva Exam System (Mobile & Web)   This system will provide the facility of entering marks of students in a live environment, such as in viva voce examination. The viva panel members will register through the web interface of the application. Once registered, the panel members can use the application installed on their cell […]