Assignment GDB Solution: HRM624 Conflict Management


HRM624 Conflict Management Assignment 2 solution Spring 2013

Case: Ms. Shagufta Khan has completed her MPhil in Physics from a renowned university. Prior to that, she has obtained two post-graduate degrees: one in mathematics and one in physics. In the recent job interview in a science and technology firm, she was a candidate along with 10 other individuals. It was a desk cum field job. She was clearly the most qualified among all candidates and […]

HRM624 Conflict Management Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Case: Relationship  conflict   is   a   perception  of   interpersonal   incompatibility  and   includes  annoyance  and   animosity   among   members   about  values,   personal  or   family   norms,   or  about personal  taste. Mr.  Hassan  and   Mr.  Ansir  are  part   of   a   team  of   […]

HRM624 Conflict Management GDB Solution Spring 2013

Two economists are assigned a group task to design a policy. One of them is in favor of free market economy and a monetary policy etc while the other is in favor of controlled economy and is a socialist. Due to the difference in school of thoughts, they have bad ties; do not communicate and when they do, it gets hostile. […]

HRM624 Conflict Management GDB Solution Fall 2012

Emotional factor in a conflict can cause violence as well. Suppose you are mediating a conflict where there are chances of violence between the disputants during the settlement process. What measures would you adopt to control the violence and for settling the dispute peacefully? Solution: We can reduce violence from the following ways: By reducing […]

HRM624 Conflict Management Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012

A multinational company is manufacturing soda ash in a remote area of Pakistan. The company is based in England and has wide-spread of operations worldwide. The company has also initiated societal marketing activity via its soda ash plant in Pakistan as it has been earning good revenue. Different social welfare activities of the company include establishment of drinking water filtration plants in the surrounding areas, a school […]

HRM624 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 11 December 2012

HRM624 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper – 10 December 2012 27 questions 22 mcq’s (mostly from past papers) 3 question r of 3 marks 2 questions r of 5 marks what is the difference between mistrust and lack of trust? what is the difference between cooperative conflict and competitive conflict? write the tips for […]

HRM624 Conflict Management Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012

ASSIGNMENT: Bestlink is a freight-forwarding established as a partnership venture by two friends Mr. Sajid and Mr. Amir about three years ago. But against the important rule of partnership business, they did not sign a formal written partnership agreement. At the start of the business, it was an unwritten mutual understanding between both the partners that they will […]

HRM624 Conflict Management GDB Solution Fall 2012

Use of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods is considered to be an effective choice for conflict resolution as compared to litigation or any other competitive means of conflict resolution. To what extent the ADR methods can be helpful for reducing different types of conflicts in our culture (Pakistani culture); and how can we increase the […]