Assignment GDB Solution: MCM310 Journalistic Writing


MCM310 Journalistic Writing Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

Question No.1: Given below are the links of online versions of two newspapers of same day i.e. 15th July, 2014. One is express news which is a morning newspaper published nationwide. The second newspaper is Roznama Naya Akhbar, which is an afternoon newspaper and is also published nationwide. – epaper.aspx?p=fp Your task is to […]

MCM310 Journalistic Writing Assignment Solution Fall 2013

MCM 310 Journalistic Writing VU Pakistan Observer (b) You are required to write attractive headlines of these three news stories from different newspapers. News#1 KARACHI: At least 16 people, including a local leader of the Awami National Party (ANP), were injured in a series of explosions that took place in Mohammadpur area of Karachi’s Qasba […]

MCM310 Journalistic Writing GDB Solution Fall 2013

Expository writing has been used to explain, describe and inform. The author of an expository writing can not assume that the reader or listener has prior knowledge or prior understanding of the topic that is being discussed. The author uses those words that clearly show what they are talking about rather then deliberately telling the […]

MCM310 Journalistic Writing GDB Solution Spring 2013

ournalistic Writing MCM 310 This is to inform that Graded Discussion Board (GDB) will be opened according to the following schedule Schedule Opening Date and Time  July 8th    , 2013 At 12:00 A.M. (Mid-Night) Closing Date and Time  July 9th    , 2013 At 11:59 P.M. (Mid-Night)   Topic/Area for Discussion                                                   “Gonzo Journalism”   Note: The discussion question will be from the […]

MCM310 Journalistic Writing GDB1 Solution Spring 2013

Journalist writing is considered as the best behaved and objective way of expressing the true facts but now days it is being practiced by different newspapers and TV channels to Print/broadcast teasing statements and sizzling headlines in their editions and bulletins just to attract the target masses. For instance, when coalition of Muslim League N and Pakistan People’s Party was […]

MCM310 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Writing is a source of communication. It gives you an opportunity to think and view things from different perspectives. Journalistic writing is no doubt a specific kind of writing in which your choice of words or language is very much sophisticated and formal, in other words journalistic. While the new media, i-e Blogs, is also […]

MCM310 Journalistic writing Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012

Background: E. L. Doctorow said “Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go”. Being a journalist, this aspect of writing is far more substantial for a journalist, because it motivates him/her to think and search a lot before writing. In this way a journalist gets a chance to explore things […]