Assignment GDB Solution: MGMT611 Human Relations


MGMT611 Human Relations GDB Solution Fall 2013

Getz Automobiles Pakistan a leading automobile manufactures of the country. In their recent intra departmental meeting of Human Resource department, Assistant manager HR proposed the idea of introducing a new training program for managerial level employees by name “Relationship of personality and stress”. VP human resource ordered that before designing a training program assistant manager […]

MGMT611 Human Relations GDB 2 Solution Fall 2012

Ms. Tina recently joined her new office with a better salary package than previous one. She is a passionate worker and ready to face challenges. Positive point of her earlier job was her Good Boss. But bad salary swayed her to switch. Currently her Boss Mr. Hamid is an unpredictable, difficult and demanding man who […]

MGMT611 Human Relations Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012

Few weeks back, I had the opportunity to travel with a Mechanical Engineer from Islamabad, named Saima. Initially, I found her a professional engineer but later I realized she has been living the dreams of her parents. Here is the story of Saima in her own words:During my adolescence, I always idealized my friend’s father […]

MGMT611 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 9 December 2012

22 MCQZ total 27 all 18 mcqz related to old papers 1: Describe vital role communication in organization:5 2: Related to become a great leader:5 3:Cognitive skill3 4 Social approaches3 mera paper 94% accurate hoa hay Best of luck allz 4: People images in self esteem   internet advertising   Another Paper: Total marks= 44 […]

MGMT611 Human Relations GDB Solution Fall 2012

Ahmad is an adolescent who is very sensitive and get easily attached to things and people around. Since childhood, he seeks his happiness in relationships and other objects in the society. Ahmad’s best friend was Ali. Both were very close to each other and shared everything in their lives. One day, Ahmad’s parents had a fight and […]

MGMT611 GDB Solution Spring 2012

Mr. Hanan is working as an HR director in a multicultural organization. A large number of employees of the organization belong to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. HR department has received many complaints from employees of different departments that few supervisors prefer the employees of their own country for availing opportunities and resources. This biased situation is creating dissatisfaction among all employees. […]