Assignment GDB Solution: MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration


MGT111 GDB Solution Feb 2015

As per the amendment in the Civil Servants Act, 1973, it is proposed that the civil servants, holding dual nationalities or citizenship of any foreign country shall not be entitled for promotion to posts in BPS-20 or equivalent and above. Discussion Question: Do you think dual nationality is a threat to national interest and security, and proposed amendment […]

MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration Assignment 1 Solution

Assignment Question: The training of civil servants has always been considered of great importance for efficient administration. The core purpose of training is imparting the basic knowledge of administration and management and reinforcing democratic values in civil servants of Pakistan. These trainings motivate the civil servants for strengthening democratic institutions. Being a student of public administration you are required […]

MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

Assignment Question: Do you think Work Motivation of public sector employees is different from that of private sector employees? Compare motivations for both kinds of employees and explain your stance with proper arguments. Solution: Manpower is an organisation’s most important asset and an organisation must pay adequate attention to the well-being and morale of its workforce. Therefore, the study of […]

MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2014

Assignment Question: You have read Max Weber’s Theory of Bureaucracy that emphasizes a structures organization. Why has bureaucracy of Pakistan developed a bad reputation? Do you think this theory is still effective and applicable under current circumstances of Pakistan? Discuss with proper arguments. Solution: I think so the role of bureaucracy is very important in pakistan but it’s a general idea […]

MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration GDB Solution Fall 2013

Case: The main focuses of the 2013-2014 Budget were overcoming the energy crisis, stabilization of the economy, developmental projects, cutting down of non-development expenditures and enhancing productivity through new growth strategies. Some prominent features of the Budget are following: Prime Minister house expenditure to be decreased by up to 44%. Sales tax to be increased from 16% to 17%. VIPs […]

MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration GDB Solution Fall 2013

Discussion Question: Compare Classical School of Thought with Human Relation School of Thought and evaluate which one is better for a Public Sector Organization, and why? Provide at least four logical reasons to support your choice. Solution: Human relations theory focuses on the value, needs and contribution of the employee; classical theory’s emphasis is the good of the organisation and […]

MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration GDB 2 Solution Spring 2013

Dear Students This is to inform that Graded Discussion Board (GDB) No. 02 will be opened on 8th July, 2013 for discussion and last date of discussion is 10th July, 2013. Topic/Area for Discussion:  “Democracy” This Graded Discussion Board will cover first 36 lessons. Do you think Democracy is the best form of government – as compared […]

MGT111 GDB Solution Spring 2013

Scenario: Government of Pakistan has an agenda of “Education for all” in its prime goals. But current literacy rate of the country is not satisfactory – and the worst in Baluchistan. In Baluchistan literacy rate is very low as compared to other provinces of Pakistan. The main reasons include scattered population in wide areas, less […]

MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Case: A few days back a mishap of burning a community’s homes happened in a big city. The issue was highlighted by the media and hype was created as the affected people showed their grievances on TV. The affected community also called for a strike on the next day. The Chief Minister ordered the police […]

MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration Final paper 23 February 2013

First paper, 52 MCQs and some long questions: Total 86 marks. Some hints what I can remember about long questions!!!!!!!!!!!! Budget for future planning? Pakistan adopt the same structure of Public Administration practiced in Sub-Continent under the British Rule,why? Administration reforms brought through devolution plan. Communication diagram. Planning-programming budgeting. Factors of New Public Management (NPM). […]