Assignment GDB Solution: MGT502 Organizational Behaviour


MGT502 GDB 2 Solution Feb 2015

Scenario: Mr Shahzad intends to launch a new marketing agency here in Pakistan. As the start of the business, he needs to establish a proper structure for the organization clarifying all the staff and jobs required to be performed and also how these jobs and individuals would be connected with each other. This step differs from […]

MGT502 Organizational Behavior Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2014

Dr.Mahateer Mohammad is considered to be one among the most powerful and charismatic leader ever existed in Pakistan. He was known to be blessed with certain qualities which normally other human beings are not. He was a confident man who knew very well what he felt at a moment. Not only he knew his feelings and emotions but […]

MGT502 Organizational Behavior Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

Managers need to supervise a number of employees with diverse personalities. To achieve the organizational goals efficiently and effectively, managers exercise certain powers over employees. In this course of action, a manager should understand the requirements or needs of employee, first, and then exercise certain powers according to the situation and personality of the employee in order to get the job done. Question: How can a manager use […]

MGT502 Organizational Behavior Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2014

Topic: Motivational Theories Ms. Uzma works as a supervisor in a leading software house. She has been working with the firm for last five years and made her way up the ladder starting as “Junior Developer” to “Team Leader”. Due to her capabilities and experience at various positions in this firm, she is considered as the most knowledgeable and respectful employee. Owing to this fact, […]

MGT502 Organizational Behavior GDB 1 Solution Spring 2014

Learning Objectives: To create awareness among the students regarding the emerging concept of emotional intelligence To inculcate the concept of emotional intelligence in a practical manner. It was a cliché that a team supervisor needs to have a sound knowledge of personalities of members working in the teams. But with the advent of Emotional intelligence, […]

MGT502 Organizational Behavior GDB Solution Fall 2013

ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR (MGT502) Point of Discussion (POD) The concept of work-family conflict (WFC) is defined as a role conflict caused by taking on too many responsibilities at work and home for employees. WFC is the negative interaction between work and family and on the other hand balanced work-life have positive relation with them. Organizational studies have demonstrated that work-life balance practices can improve organizational performance […]

MGT502 Organizational Behavior Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2013

Formation of Hybrid International Two Telecom sector companies planned together to merge their expertise. For this purpose, they merged & formed a new company named as“Hybrid International”. The new CEO Mr. Asif met the new CFO Mr. Sameer of Hybrid after the merger. Teams were made under Mr. Asif & Mr. Sameer. Mr. Asif & Team Member Ali: After […]

MGT502 Organizational Behavior GDB 1 Solution Spring 2013

There is no second thought on the importance of communication. The means of communicating electronically has been widely observed in almost every organizational setup.  No matter whether it comes to communicating internally or externally, more & more organizations are becoming timely, efficient and effective by using e-communication on daily basis that is changing the entire culture of today’s organizations. […]

MGT502 Organizational Behavior Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Scenario Number 1: Aric International has been a leading Advertising company. The organization enjoys talented people working in, out of which a team of 5 people have brought the greatest achievements to Aric Int. for the past 2 years. Aric has hired you as a Researcher to study those 5 people in-depth to understand the traits they […]