Assignment GDB Solution: MGT503 Principles of Management


MGT503 Principles of Management GDB Solution Fall 2018

To highlight the application of managerial roles in an organization Learning Outcomes: After attempting this activity, the students will be able to: Identify different types of managerial roles in light of Mintzberg’s managerial roles. Case: After taking the charge as Principal at Watson College, Mr. Ayaz had to face multiple challenges such as settling down […]

MGT503 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018

ABC is a manufacturing organization that produces spare parts for personal vehicles and supplies it to top brands of automobiles in Pakistan. The manufacturing units of the organization have been divided into different sections depending on the type of spare part and its technical specifications. One of its sections is making spare parts for 1300 […]

MGT503 Principles of Management Assignment 1 Solution 2017

Topic: “Behavioral Theories of Management… Maslow’s Theory of Need” The Case: Saleena Ali was the manager at Aroosh, a well-established Health and Fitness club in Lahore. Aroosh has made its name in the local market as provider of high quality fitness classes in form of gym and aerobics. The instructors were considered superior to those […]

MGT503 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2017

The Case: Sameen is the Managing Director of a non-profit organization (NGO). She is the head of organization and has a very demanding schedule that required frequent travelling. Due to decreased federal grant funding, salaries of employees are suffering which results high staff turnover. Sameen needs to supervise two managers; Uzma and Ahmed, who in […]

MGT503 GDB 2 Solution Feb 2015

Discuss whether Management by Objectives (MBO) is used to motivate or control the people? Solution: MBO is a process or system designed for supervisory managers in which a manager and his or her subordinate sit down and jointly set specific objectives to be accomplished within a set time frame and for which the subordinate is then […]

MGT503 Principles of Management GDB 1 Solution Fall 2014

The dominant perspective of management is that managers are solely responsible for success or failure of an organization, whereas the other perspective argued that there are external forces which are beyond manager’s control. Hence, success or failure cannot be solely attributed to manager. Discussion Question: Keeping in view these perspectives, Discuss your point of view […]

MGT503 Principles of Management Quiz 5 Solved Spring 2014

1. Estimated cost of Sydney Opera House was: $7 Million $102 Million $95 Million $60 Million 2. News reporters are generally considered as performing the ________________ role. Interpersonal Informational Decisional Organizational 3. Fredrick Taylor was the student of: Robert Owen Charles Babbage W. Edwards Deming Henry Towne 4. Primarily managers perform which of the following […]

MGT503 Principles of Management Assignment 2 solution Spring 2014

Motivation is the force that moves people to initiate, direct and sustain behaviors and action to achieve personal and organizational goals. There are different schools of thought who have presented a number of theories to motivate people. It is imperative for the students of management to have a good understanding and application skills of these […]

MGT503 Principles of Management GDB Solution Spring 2014

Learning Objectives: To help the student in understanding the levels of management. To sharpen their analytical skills in understanding and distinguish between the managers levels and their skills You have read three levels of management. Question: Is a manager’s scope of responsibility always related to management level? Why or why not?. Discuss your point of […]