Assignment GDB Solution: MGT504 Organization Theory & Design


MGT504 Organization Theory & Design Assignment 1 Solution

Assignment # 1 You are required to visit a nearby organization. If at least 20 employees are working there, then it will be considered as an organization for this project. Contact any person at managerial level of that organization; and get information about organization’s design in detail. Based on the collected information, fill in the following Performa. Question […]

MGT504 Organization Theory & Design Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

Due Date: 23 July, 2014 Marks: 10  The structure of an organization must accomplish two things. First, it must deliver a framework of reporting relationships, responsibilities, and groupings; and second, it must deliver a mechanism for coordinating and linking organizational elements into a coherent whole. The framework of relationships can be observed on the organizational chart but linking the organization into coherent whole requires the use of information […]

MGT504 Organization Theory & Design Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2014

Organization Theory & Design (MGT504) Assignment # 1 Due Date: May 30, 2014 Marks: 10 The American sociologist, Charles Perrow, developed a framework to categorize  departments according to two dimensions. Different types of organizations can also  be categorized with the help of this framework. The two dimensions of Perrow’s  framework are Variety and Analyzability. Go through Perrow’s framework […]

MGT504 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 9 December 2012

I am sharing this with you that all paper was conceptual either that was MCQs or short questions.  23 MCQs, There were 2 questions of 5 marks and three questions of 3 marks which are given below. Here I am sharing the shot questions with you for your guidance. 1.      Information technology how much important […]