Assignment GDB Solution: MGT520 International Business


MGT520 International Business GDB Solution Spring 2014

 Background: A business entity working in the premises of Pakistan will not be able to smoothly run its business operations in Europe or America due to the differences in national attributes. Obviously the business processes at local and international level will be hugely differentiated from each other in terms of requirements, limitations, regulations, preferences and considerations of all the stake holders including government, institutions and […]

MGT520 International Business Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2014

Background: A business entity mainly has three reasons behind to go global: to expand sales, to diversify resources or to minimize competitive risk. Corporate strategic decision making is involved in selecting the mode and type of globalization strategy in the pursuit of company’s objectives. The selection of location, region and expansion pattern is totally aligned […]

MGT520 International Business GDB Solution Fall 2013

Discussion: Trade policy instruments are used to facilitate the trade operations and create a balance between them. These instruments benefit both tiers of the business: customers and manufacturers. The most sharp among these instruments are: Import quota: Direct restriction on the finished goods/ value added goods which is imported into a country. Subsidy: Government payment to domestic […]

MGT520 International Business GDB 2 Solution Spring 2013

Global trade has been facilitated with Technology Boom and De-Regularization/Liberalization of cross border movements. Business groups are motivated to invest at global level as more than 80% population of the whole world which is located in more than 150 member countries of World Trade Organization (WTO) has proved to be an open market for Multinationals. While going global a […]

MGT520 International Business GDB 1 Solution Spring 2013

Topic: Global Standardization or international Adaptation Background: Companies go global mainly with these three objectives: to increase sales, to diversify/acquire resources or to minimize competitive risk. Once the decision to venture into international markets has been taken, there are two broad strategies, which can be adopted. A fundamental strategic decision has to be made immediately […]

MGT520 International Business Assignment Solution Spring 2013

Background: As this is an era of globalization and international business requires removing barriers, restrictions and ensuring safety in business activities while trading goods, services, technology, and sharing investments among different countries. World Trade Organization (WTO) which is an updated form of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) is formed in 1990’s after successive rounds of negotiations […]

MGT520 International Business Final paper 23 February 2013

Total Questions: 60 Total Marks: 78 Total MCQs: 54 (Each of 1 Mark) Total Short Questions: 3 (Each of 3 Mark) Total Long Questions: 3 (Each of 5 Mark) SHORT QUESTIONS: 1. Describe Green-flied investment. With an example. 3 marks 2. Why do you understand by the term Regional Economic Integration? 3 marks 3. Describe […]

MGT520 International Business Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012

Mr. Nadeem has been running a business of leather products since 1997. He has been producing a range of leather products including jackets, purses, and belts. Fifteen years back, he started the business in a small shop as a sole-proprietor but now he is the owner of a well-known leather manufacturing company, which has a wide network of branches […]