Assignment GDB Solution: MGT602 Entrepreneurship


MGT602 Entrepreneurship GDB 2 Solution Spring 2014

Graded Discussion Board No.2  Due Date: 04 Aug, 2014  Marks: 05                                                          Topic: Bank lending decisions for Entrepreneurship and SMEs   Learning Objectives: To give students a broad view of dynamic lending requirements for Small and Medium Businesses. Learning Outcomes:                                                   The students will be able to differentiate between qualitative and quantitative measures of lending criterion. Students will also be able to analyze make a critical review of the current lending practices in Pakistan.  Background:                                                     […]

MGT602 Entrepreneurship Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (MGT602) ASSIGNMENT # 02 TOPIC: “THE MARKETING MIX” Learning objective: Students will be able to understand the Marketing mix considerations in relation to different countries. Learning outcomes:  Students will be able to learn that how religious and cultural aspects are important for management. It will enable the students to realize how gathering International Information is helpful […]

MGT602 Entrepreneurship GDB Solution Spring 2014

Topic: Ethics and social responsibility of entrepreneurs Learning objectives: To make the students learn to use the critical thinking skills while shouldering the ethical liability towards the society Learning outcome: Students will be able to incorporate critical thinking skills in business situations. Students will understand how to handle and react while encountering the ethnical situation […]

MGT602 Entrepreneurship GDB 3 Solution Fall 2013

Learning Objective: The discussion will enable the student to understand the implications of product packaging, labeling and branding. Learning Outcomes: After attempting this assignment students will be able: After attempting the GDB student will be able to understand: The deficiencies in the fields of branding, labeling and packaging of the products in context of SME’s […]

MGT602 Entrepreneurship GDB 2 Solution Fall 2013

Case: The Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector transmits countless expectations and great loads in the development of market economies. The SME sector is the backbone of the economy in high-income countries, and a fundamental part of the economic fabric in developing countries, they play a crucial role in furthering growth, innovation and prosperity. Under these […]

MGT602 Entrepreneurship GDB 1 Solution Spring 2013

The construct No one can deny the importance of writing a business plan before actual commencement of business. A good business plan helps entrepreneur in refining the business idea and it becomes mandatory if he/she is planning to take some loan from any financial institution. From financer perspective the business plan is actual business on papers. The business plan has many sections but the general […]

MGT602 Entrepreneurship Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2013

CASE  Hand-stitched soccer balls are the hall mark of cottage industry in Pakistan. Sialkot is solely producing 85% of the world’s demand of hand-stitched inflatable balls. The world’s best ball is being sold at a very cheap price of 25$. Cheap labor availability is the major reason for this cheap product but it is also discouraging fact that there is a great international concern for the use […]

MGT602 Entrepreneurship Quiz 3 June 14 Spring 2013

Question # 1 of 10 ( Start time: 07:08:27 AM ) Total Marks: 1 Which one of the following is a sound strategic option for an entrepreneur when synergy is present? Select correct option: Merger Joint venture Minority interest Majority interest   Question # 2 of 10 ( Start time: 07:09:03 AM ) Total Marks: 1 Which of the […]

MGT602 Entrepreneurship Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Back ground: Entrepreneurship is treated as one of the most appropriate tool to fix many socio-economic problems faced by developing countries. This shift has been observed in all developed and developing countries. In this decade the research conducted by many state and non-state organizations and educational institutions have revealed the potential of entrepreneurship in economic growth […]

MGT602 Entrepreneurship Final paper 23 February 2013

Total Questions: 60 Total Marks: 78 Total MCQs: 54 (Each of 1 Mark) Total Short Questions: 3 (Each of 3 Mark) Total Long Questions: 3 (Each of 5 Mark) Q1.Basic decisions regarding human resource that entrepreneur should take early in planning process. Marks 3 Q2.Explain the content of “Regulation D”. Marks Q3.Discuss the corporate status […]