Assignment GDB Solution: MGT613 Production / Operations Management


MGT613 Production / Operations Management Assignment 1 Solution

ASSIGNMENT # 01 PRODUCTION/OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT (MGT613) Marks: 10 Pakistan for the last many years is exporting textile goods and garments in many countries of the world. The textile products made in Faisalabad are exported to Europe and many other countries. Last year Pakistan was given GSP Plus status and it is predictable that the demand […]

MGT613 Production / Operations Management Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

The XYZ Paints is the world’s leading paint company, selling its products almost in 100 countries all over the world. Over the years the company has established a wide production and distribution network. For immediate and uninterrupted supply of its products the company has established manufacturing plants in various countries especially where it has high demand of its paints. Instead of using latest technology in manufacturing and other operations of the […]

MGT613 Production / Operations Management Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2014

In the recent years Pakistan is a growing market of consumer products. A new trend has started where small stores are obsolescing and mega store are opening, especially in big cities. These stores become attraction for the customer to save time and money as it provides complete range of consumer products under one roof with discount rates. Metro Cash n […]

MGT613 Production / Operations Management GDB 1 Solution Spring 2014

The fast food industry is quickly flourishing in Pakistan. Every year we find new local and foreign entrant in the industry with variety of fast food in their menu list. Though the market has enough space for the growth of fast food industry but few big names like McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut have already developed the […]

MGT613 Production / Operations Management GDB Solution Spring 2013

Crescent electronics is currently dealing with mobile phones and in their developmental tactics they are considering to add a new product line of tablet computers in their operations, which will surely require new technology, appropriate equipment along with skilled labor force. For this purpose procurement department of the organization is planning to lease the equipment required and estimated that […]

MGT613 Production / Operations Management Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2013

Pak Elektron Limited (PEL) is the pioneer manufacturer of electrical goods in Pakistan. Since its beginning, the company has always been contributing towards the advancement and development of the engineering sector in Pakistan by introducing a range of quality electrical equipments and home appliances. For improvement in different divisions of the company, management of PEL electronics wants to implement […]

MGT613 Production / Operations Management Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

nswer # 1   1.Price: In our day to day routine observations, we often see that a lower price would attract more customers provided the product or service fulfils its intended use. Lower price helps an organization to increase its customer base. 2. Quality: is an important dimension by which superior raw materials as well as high […]

MGT613 Production / Operations Management Assignment 2 fall 2012

During past few months DEEWAN automobile assembling unit is experiencing inefficiencies in its inventory management processes. Company has multiple suppliers across the world delivering various parts for the company’s products. For smooth running and proper record of the business, the company needs a way to keep a list of all inventories with all the records […]

MGT613 Production Management GDB Solution Fall 2012

AL SAIF shopping mall was established in 2006 in Pakistan’s historical and cultural city Lahore, a city of over 8 million people and it enjoys the trust and confidence of over millions of customers annually. AL SAIF shopping mall introduced two large shopping malls in the prime business location of Lahore. As the city is expanding and population is growing the […]