Assignment GDB Solution: MKT621 Advertising & Promotion


MKT621 Advertising & Promotion Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2014

Abstract: There are few restrictions on Tobacco advertising and promotion in Pakistan. Print advertising is prohibited, except for advertisements less than one square inch in the inside portion of publications that are not intended for young people. The Ministry of Health has issued one warning containing both a picture and text that must be placed on all cigarette packs.  Tobacco advertisements are banned in electronic and print media, but tobacco companies have found new ways to go around the partial restriction on tobacco advertisement. Person to person sale techniques are being used, huge billboards have been installed at prominent places, in markets and along highways. Catchy posters are pasted in large number and points of sale advertisements have increased manifold. Smoking by actors in television dramas and films is also rampant. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre is to organize a print media campaign to aware the people of the adverse effects of smoking. Being and advertising manager you are to suggest the media contents to the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital.  Requirements:  Which type (s) of message content would you suggest to Shaukat Khanum Hospital in order to design advertising message for print advertisement? Justify your suggestion and also write a statement of your suggested message content (s). (6+4=10 marks)

MKT621 Advertising & Promotion GDB Solution Spring 2014

Scenario Advent of internet has introduced a new world for Marketers and a great opportunity to interact with the consumers online, where they plan, live and share their lives. This opportunity has been bolted the Pakistani Market as well with a sufficient amount of users activating their participation, on the World Wide Web. Digital advertising methods have […]

MKT621 Advertising & Promotion GDB 1 Solution Spring 2013

The concept Perception refers to the understanding of what we take in through our senses .The way one person perceive surrounding environment is what makes him different from others. It is natural in humans that they differ in their perceptions. Human mind develops natural defenses against what it does not need or is not interested. […]

MKT621 Advertising & Promotion Assignment 2 solution fall 2012

“Book castle” is a famous bookshop-cum-library based in Lahore; one of its own kind. It has a largest ever book display in Lahore carrying more than 60,000 titles under one roof. It deals in all categories of books: be it new or old. The variety of books ranges from literature, fiction, biographies, study guides, self […]

MKT621 Advertising & Promotion GDB 2 Solution Fall 2012

Kurtz is a famous FMCGs (Fast moving consumer goods) company providing a wide array of home care products like detergents, dish washing soaps, floor cleaning liquids, kitchen cleaning products and toilet cleaners. They believe that their products are more than simple hygiene; it provides comfort, ease of use and care because clean homes and clothes lead to better health and safety. Keeping intact with their […]

MKT621 Advertising & Promotion Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012

“LENOV” is a famous brand in the field of home appliances of Pakistan. It is considered to be number one brand for the past 20 years in term of its market share and innovation. It’s product varieties ranges from refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and microwave ovens. With a strong R& D department in place, it is continuously striving to bring product innovation. It has recently launched […]

MKT621 Advertising & Promotion GDB Solution Fall 2012

“City housing”is one of the Pakistan’s greatest builders and real estate developers. They are based in Lahore but are catering to a broad clientele ranging from private to public institutions involving both national and foreign projects. They provide varying services in architecture, master planning, urban design, and interior design. The project types encompass commercial, housing and residence. […]

MKT621 VU Current Final Paper Spring 2012

Total 55 question. 46 objective types 5 question of 5 Marks 3 question of 3Marks Objective 30% from past papers. Subjective (1)There are several method used in developing advertising budget depending upon the situation and objective. Describe this method briefly. 3 Marks. (2) What are the basic principle to be followed for designing an add […]