Assignment GDB Solution: MTH401 Differential Equations


MTH401 Differential Equations GDB Solution Fall 2013

Consider the following methods of finding the particular integral for a non-homogeneous differential equation. Discuss the reasoning and answers of the given questions. (a)    Methods of undetermined coefficient (Superposition approach and Annihilator approach) (b)   Method of variation of parameters. 1) For which particular forms of the input function g(x), the methods of undetermined coefficients are […]

MTH401 Differential Equations Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2013

Question 1:                                                                                                          Marks 6+4 a)      Determine whether the given differential equations are homogeneous or non-homogeneous. Also, mention the degree of homogeneous differential equations.                                 i.                               ii.                             iii. b)      Find the integrating factor of the following differential equation. Solution:  Q1: (a) (i) homogeneous (ii) homogenous (iii) non-homogeneous (b) IF = sec^2 x Question 2:                                                                                                         Marks 10 Convert the given Bernoulli differential equation […]

MGT401 Financial Accounting II GDB 1 Solution Fall 2013

“Revaluation of Assets” The company newly incorporates in Pakistan and contracted with PSS manufacturing for five years in technology sector. Company acquired building for manufacturing purpose for Rs. 6,500,000 in January 2003, where company assembles different parts in to portable transistor. Same year due to severe earthquake the valuers estimated the physical position of building reduce to Rs.6, 000, 000.This […]

MTH401 Differential Equations Current Mid term paper December fall 2012

Total Questions = 26 Total MCQ = 20 2 Questions of 2 Marks 2 Questions of 3 Marks 2 Questions of 5 Marks 1. Write all the forms of g(x) in the method of undetermined coefficients where g(x) is rght hand side of Non-homogeneous linear differential equation ? 2. Deduce the special use of logistic […]

MTH401 Differential Equations Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012

Question#1                                                                                            Marks 10   (i) State the reason why the following differential equation is not linear? (1) (ii) Convert the differential equation in (i) into linear form.              (4)   (iii) Solve the following initial value problem: (5) Question#2                                                                                             Marks 10   (i) Find the general solution of the following differential equation:           (5) (ii) Find the orthogonal trajectories of the general solution in (i).               (5) Solution:  Question#3                                                                                            Marks 10   (i) Construct a population […]

MTH401 Assignment No 4 Spring 2012 solution

Question#1                                                                                            Marks 15 Solve the following initial value problem using a power series representation of the solution around. Find the recurrence relation and the first five nonzero terms of the series solution. Question#2                                                                                             Marks 15 Suppose the differential equation Find the ordinary points and the singular points of the above differential equation. Classify each singular point you find in 1. as a […]