Assignment GDB Solution: MTH601 Operations Research


MTH601 Operations Research GDB Solution Fall 2012

Discuss the differences and similarities between graphical and simplex method of solving Linear Programming problems. Solution:  Differences between graphical and simplex methods: (1) Graphical method can be used only when two variables are in model; simplex can handle any dimensions. (2) Graphical method must evaluate all corner points (if the corner point method is used); simplex […]

MTH601 Operations Research Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012

Question#1                                                                                                             […]

MTH601 Operations Research Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012

Question-01  An industrial project has the following data: Activity Immediate Predecessor(s) Time(Days) A – 3 B – 4 C A,B 5 D B 6 E D 7 F C,E 8 G D 9 i)                    Draw the network flow diagram. ii)                  Find the critical path. iii)                What is the project competition time? iv)                Compute the total […]