Assignment GDB Solution: PSC201 International Relations


PSC201 International Relations Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2013

Learning Objectives:The objectives of this study is to Acquire student analysis over the role of OIC.Background:The OIC is an inter-governmental organization with a Permanent Delegation to the UN. OIC groups 57 mostly Islamic nations in Middle East, North and West Africa, Central Asia, Southeast and South Asia. The OIC is dedicated to serving the interests of […]

PSC201 International Relations GDB 1 Solution Fall 2013

Topic: Diplomacy Scenario: Diplomacy can play an important role in establishing ties with countries. It can even defuse tension among states. It helps to end deadlock over the issue through a win-win strategy. In the recent Syrian crises, through diplomacy an acceptable solution was reached between the parties.   Question: Considering the issue of Kashmir state that how diplomacy can help resolve the issue. Discuss by […]

PSC201 International Relations Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012

The US imperialism seems to be heading no where. They have been ill served by its diplomats, soldiers and spies. It has been a resoundingly disastrous expedition. The militancy is still alive and the region still destabilized. Yet, the US/Nato/Isaf combine feel obliged to declare victory and go home. They are leaving behind an unfinished […]