Assignment GDB Solution: SOC401 Cultural Anthropology


SOC401 Cultural Anthropology Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

Religion and belief system are concerned with moral and ethical behavior of individuals. It offers people a world view and provides answer to puzzling questions. It also encourages one to rise above the selfish interests and involves oneself with the needs of others. Good conduct may grow out of such a world view, but the […]

SOC401 Cultural Anthropology Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2014

Cultural Anthropology (SOC401) Assignment No. 01 Due Date: May 19, 2014 Marks: 15 Background Food obtaining strategies vary from culture to culture as per geographical conditions of specific area. The residents of desert smay rely on different strategies as compared to people living in hilly areas. But in certain situation natural calamities restrict the process of obtaining food and areas are suspected to drought situation. […]

SOC401 Cultural Anthropology Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2013

In the city of United States, Los Angeles, a minister walked hand in hand with his seven years old daughter to an elementary school four blocks away from their home. The minister wanted to enroll his daughter Linda Brown in the second grade, but the school refused to admit her. Instead, public schools officials required […]

SOC401 Cultural Anthropology GDB 2 Solution Spring 2013

According to political theorists, political organization is influenced by self interest whereas other theorists rejects their point of view and emphasis on the coercive factor which stresses some people to surrender their autonomy to the power and authority of the few. Keeping in mind the election 2013 result trends, how do you see contemporary political change in our country? In your […]

SOC401 Cultural Anthropology Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Assignment In 1897 a boy was seen running, naked and on all fours, alone through the Guiana forest in France. In 1899 he was captured and brought to Paris. Here he was under observation and training. The boy, eventually named Robert, he did not walk steadily and graduall y but rather astounded from one side […]

SOC401 Cultural Anthropology Assignment No 1 Solution Fall 2012

Dia Mir Bhasha dam is located on Indus River, about 315 km upstream of Tarbela Dam, 165 km downstream of the Northern Area capital Gilgit and 40 km downstream of Chilas. The dam will impound 15% of the annual river flow. The dam project would cover an area o f 110 km and extend 100 […]