Assignment GDB Solution: STA301 Statistics and Probability


STA301 Assignment 2 Solution Feb 2015

The assignment is being uploaded to build up the students concepts regarding;  1.     Joint probability distribution about discrete random variables. 2.     Joint probability distribution about continuous random variables. Solution: i   Solution 2  Click Here To Download Complete Solution STA301_Assignment_02_Solution

STA301 Statistics and Probability Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

Question 1:                                                                                                        (Marks: 5+3=8) (a) The mean height of soldiers is 69.33 inches with a variance of 11.8. Assuming the distribution of heights to be normal, how many soldiers in a regiment of 1000 would you expect to be at least 6 feet tall? (b) In a hypergeometric distribution, n = 4, k = 4 and N = […]

STA301 Statistics and Probability Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2014

Question 1:                                                                                                     Marks: 0.5×6 = 3 You have studied FOUR scales of measurement in your course. Looking at the following real life examples, can you determine which measurement scales is most suitable for each example? Example Suitable Scale People categorized according to religion (Muslim, Hindu, Christian) Positions obtained by students in a class (1st, 2nd, 3rd )   Temperature in […]

STA301 Statistics and Probability Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2013

Question 1:    Marks:4+4=8 a)     A batch of 10 gaskets contains 4 defective gaskets. If we draw samples of size 3 without replacement, from the batch of 10, find the probability that a sample contains 2 defective gaskets. Solution:  A batch of 10 rocker cover gaskets contains 4 defective gaskets. If we draw samples of size 3 without replacement, from […]

STA301 Statistics and Probability Quiz 1 Fall 2013

You are informed that Quiz no.1 will be started according to the following schedule; Opening Date and Time of Quiz            November 21, 2013 at 12:01 AM Closing Date and Time of Quiz             November 22, 2013 at 11:59 PM Instructions: Read the following instructions carefully before attempting the Quiz No.1. •        Quiz will be based upon Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and it will cover Lesson no.1 to Lesson […]

STA301 Statistics and Probability Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2013

Assignment No: 2 (Lessons 28-30) Question 1:                                                                                                                   Marks: 4+4=8 a)  Suppose 4 dresses are randomly chosen without replacement from the total of 8 dresses (5 red and 3 white). Calculate the probability of getting exactly 2 red dresses out of 5 red dresses. (Solve using hypergeometric distribution) b)   A random variable “X” following binomial distribution with n=5 and […]

STA301 Statistics and Probability GDB 1 Solution Spring 2013

What does dispersion indicates about the data ? Why is this of great importance ? Solution: Measures of dispersion are needed for four basic purposes: (i) To determine the reliability of an average. (ii) To serve as a basis for the control of the variability. (iii) To compare two or more Dass genau: Leicht. Glänzende […]

STA301 Statistics and Probability Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Assignment No: 1 (Lessons 1-9)    Question 1:                                                                                                              Marks: 4+3=7   Given the following frequency distribution: Class Limits Frequency 118 – 126 3 127 – 135 5 136 – 144 9 145 – 153 12 154 – 162 5   Construct the columns of Class Boundaries, Relative Frequency, Mid points and Cumulative frequency. The ages of 22 patients […]

STA301 Statistics and Probability Final paper 23 February 2013

Q :1 For two independent events A and B with P(A) = 0.6, P(B) = 0.3, find (2 marks) Q:2 Define standard normal distribution.(2 marks) Q:3 Formulate the null and alternative hypothesis: The difference between the average yield of machine A and the average yield of machine B is exactly 40. (2marks) Q:4Briefly discuss about […]

STA301 Statistics and Probability Assignment 4 Solution Fall 2012

Question 1: (Marks: 2+5=7) a. In a finite population with and , find the mean and variance for the sampling distribution of sample mean for n = 25. b. The mean and standard deviation of the maximum loads supported by 50 cables are 13 tons and 0.80 tons respectively. Find the 99% confidence interval for […]