CS001 Computer Proficiency Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012

Question No 1: Marks 5 Write the answer of each of the following question. 1) Suppose you are required to access a file named VU_CPL.doc on your system. The path of the file is D:VUVUCPLVU_CPL.doc How would you access the file? (2 marks) Solution: 1: Open My Computer 2: Open D Drive 3: Open Vu Folder 4: Open VUCPL Folder 5: Finally Open File VU_CPL.doc 2) Suppose a file is saved with the name myFile.doc in the E drive of your computer. You are required to save this file with different name such as myWordFile.doc on the Desktop of your computer.

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Write the procedure in steps. (3 marks) Solution: 1: Open The myFile.doc 2: Click Save as Option 3: Type Name myWorFile.doc 4: Select Desktop Option 5: Press Save As Botton Question No 2: Marks 5 Match column A with column B: Disk Defragmenter System Software Window NT Utility Software Nortan Antivirus Application Software Microsoft Visio System Software Ubuntu Utility Software Solution: Disk Defragmenter Utility Software Window NT System Software Nortan Antivirus Utitlity Software Microsoft Visio Utility Software Ubuntu System Software