CS001 Computer Proficiency Final Paper March 2014

VU Today’s Final Term Paper For Fall 2013
Total Questions = 52 of Total 80 Marks
Total MCQ = 40 Each of 1 marks
Total Short Questions = 4 Each of 2 marks
Total Short Questions = 4 Each of 3 marks
Total Long Questions = 4 Each of 5 marks
Question No: 41 (Marks: 2)
What is the difference between closing and exiting?
Closing removes the particular part of the program if it is used on the main screen or window. On the other hand, exit means to close the files and applications.

Question No: 42 (Marks: 2)
How we can print more than one slide per page in PowerPoint?

Question No: 43 29 (Marks: 2)
How we can Bookmark a Web page?
To Bookmark a Web page in internet explorer select the “Bookmarks” options and clicking “Save” in the drop down menu. Save, edit or add a bookmark to a web browser to find a site quickly on the Internet. It is located in the location bar of the internet explorer.

Question No: 44 (Marks: 2)
Define standard and status bars.
Standard Bar:
A standard bar contains icons for functions such as file management, printing, editing, formatting and calculating. It is located just below the menu bar in an application window.
Status Bar:
A horizontal line of information displayed at the bottom of an application window. It reports information about the current status of the program or the data contents in the window.

Question No: 44 (Marks: 2)
Here is the data for the sales of Apples for year 2007, using excel apply the formula to calculate the Harmonic Mean of sales using HARMEAN function
(Statistics Category) and give the result in the answer area,

Question No:45 (Marks: 3)
Describe the function of the following short cut keys in PowerPoint:
Description Column B
To redo an action that has just been undone CTRL+Y
It creates a new presentation window CTRL+N
This is to open a search browser to open a saved file in the computer CTRL+O

Question No: 46 (Marks: 3)
How we can change the Web browser Home Page/Start page?

Question No: 47 (Marks: 3)
a. What is electronic mailing? Give its basic concept and usage.
Electronic mail, also written as E-mail, is an electronic transmission of messages, letters and documents. It includes point to point services in which text file, that is, sent or received can be edited. The basic concept of E-mail is to send and receive messages as quickly as possible with the addition of sounds, graphics, links and etc, which can never be possible through the old postage system as that took long and also has to go through countries borders.
E-mail typically is used for conversations that are not urgent and for dialogues that are expected to continue over a period of time. The structure of e-mail eliminates interruptions associated with telephone conversations or electronic pagers. It also permits asynchronous communication, which can benefit both the sender and the recipient in our busy society.
b. What are Computer Viruses?
A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer. The term “virus” is also commonly but mistakenly used to refer to other types of malware, including but not limited to ad ware and spy ware programs that do not have the reproductive ability. Viruses can increase their chances of spreading to other computers by infecting files on a network file system or a file system that is accessed by another computer.
Example: Trojan horses.

Question No: 48 (Marks: 3)
What is slide layout? Is there any way to change the default layout of the slide? If yes, then explain in your own words.
The slide layout in PowerPoint is the arrangement of all the items that make up your slide, such as title, graphics or text boxes. Yes we can change the default layout.
To modify the layout, first you will need to go into the view tab and then click on the slide master button. Then click on the first slide, and changes that you make to this slide will be used by the other layout slides shown below the slide master. Use all of the tools on the tab to set the dimensions, theme and background styles for your slides.
When you have finished this, click in the title text box and use the tools in the drawing tools format tab and the home tab in order to modify the style of your text. Next click on the contents text box and change the styles for the different levels of text.

Question No: 49 (Marks: 5)
How we can modify column widths and row heights?
By placing the mouse on the edge of the grid of the column or row, the pointer will change its shape and drag the pointer then to adjust its width.
Question No: 50 ( Marks: 5 )
What is the difference between closing and exiting?
It is only document close but not the software e.g. Microsoft word, excel…etc.
When we press exit it close the whole document, excel…Etc along with software


Question No: 51 ( Marks: 5 )
How we can insert clip art in PowerPoint presentation.

Select the clip copy it with CTRL+C and past it on power point slide CTRL+V.


Question No: 52 ( Marks: 5 )
How we can delete a bookmark
Go to Favorites bring mouse pointer on the book mark you want to