CS001 Computer Proficiency GDB Solution Spring 2013

Sorting of data is an integral part of data analysis. Sorting of data helps you quickly visualize and understand data. Based on the above statement assume that you are working as a data analyst in an organization named as Accur.inc. The organization’s data consists of two types i.e. text and numeric data (dates, net sales and symbols i.e. alphanumeric data). In your opinion which application software among MS word or MS excel is best suitable to sort this type of data. Support your answer with solid reasons.

Solution: MS Excel is best suitable to sort this type of data because it was built for that purpose to store simple data, word is just a word processor. Word is the program to use when you want to type up anything with text like a letter, a report, a memo etc. excel is the spreadsheet program which you use to work with figures. Although you can do simple calculations in Word using tables, it is so much easier to use the program made for figures, i.e. Excel. each figure will be input in its own cell and it is so easy to use formulaes to add up, subtract, divide, multiply find the average, the highest figure, the lowest figure etc etc. So say you have 1,000 figures which you add up, how else would you do it unless you entered the figures in a calculator. With Excel you just highlight them all and click on the autosum icon and it adds up immediately. Change a couple of the figures and the total will recalculate. No matter how many times you alter any values you type into a cell, if you use the right formula, using cell references, not the contents of the cell, the formula/result will always be correct. Most brilliant program out. And of course if you have loads and loads of figures and don’t really understand how to read formulas, you convert figures into graphical representation for easier digestion, in other words a chart or graph.