CS101 Assignment No 4 Spring 2012 solution

Neural Network Learning Paradigm with Applications.

 Make 5 slides in power point on the above given topic:


Slides 1: Intro of student ( Course name Student ID, Name, Discipline(Bachelor/Masters))

Slide 2: Topic name with topic Introduction

 Slide 3: Topic’s brief description

Slide 4: Pros/Cons of Relevant Topic

Slide 5: Conclusion

What to do?

Open your MS Power Point.

Create Slide, You have to make 5 slides in total. (You can consider Slide as new page)

In every slide you have to write different things according to your Assignment.


For Example in Slide # 2:

Write Topic name and introduction,

Topic: Neural Network Learning Paradigm with Applications

Intro: Introduce or elaborate the topic. Write few words.

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