CS101 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 13 Feb 2012

Many people consider that “Database” and “DBMS” are same terms. Do you agree? Justify your opinion with example. 5 marks

There are many aspects to be considered in order to develop a good and well balanced presentation. Does proper color usage matter while developing a good presentation? Discuss with reason. 5 marks

Name the programming technique that is used to activate a procedure on an event occurrence. Also mention its way of working. 5 marks

Write any six String HTML wrapper methods 3 marks

Artificial intelligence is a wide field which can be further categorized into sub categories. You are required to briefly describe its any three sub-categories. 3marks

In large databases, a process is used to identify different patterns. Discuss that process along with the technique used by the process. 3 marks

Computers deal in binary numbers while our communication media can transmit and receive data in the form of electrical pulses. So, how can we exchange data over the communication media? 3 marks

Define the term “Structured Vector Graphics”. 2 marks

Every organization is based on some type of organizational structure. Briefly describe the organizational structure which has more preference over others.2 marks

Spreadsheet software can perform many jobs for a user. Write down any two jobs, a spreadsheet software is specifically designed to perform. 2 marks

If an IT person has a job in which he needs to travel far places. What category of computer suits him to buy and how it prefers on other categories? 2 marks