CS101 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 16 Feb 2012

40 mcqz…not from past papers…
Q:A term “Database” is widely used in computer world. Describe what does this term refer to? Q:Describe the applicability of Ockham’s razor principle in the
field of computing.
Q:Elaborate the concept of telepresence in the context of computing and write the main benefit of using it.
Q:Spreadsheet software can perform many jobs for a user. Write down any two jobs, a spreadsheet software is specifically designed to perform.
Q:There are many aspects to be considered in order to develop a good and well balanced presentation. Does proper color usage matter while developing a good
presentation? Discuss with reason.
Q:Describe types of some virues?
Q:in html heading can be bold or strong?is it possible we can heading formatting?
Q:describe program develop methodology