CS101 Final paper 28 February 2013

aper: 28/02/2013

Center: OPKST

  • If A1=15, B1=35 and C1=11 then what will be the output of the following formula?

=(A1*(C1+B1/2))/100 (2)

  • Enlist any four kinds of data which can be stored in a database. (2)
  • If we categorize the networks in terms of the area they cover, then what will be the types of network? Just write the names. (2)
  • Discuss the limitations and weaknesses of conventional web which enforce us to move towards Semantic Web.(2)
  • HTML provides you the facility of including different types of images in your web pages. Does JavaScript provide us this facility? If yes then how? (3)
  •  These days, security of its customer’s data in a network is the main concern of any organization. Suggest any three network security measures which an organization can take in order to ensure the security of data. (3)
  • How does a microprocessor reduce the time it actually takes to access particular instructions for processing?(3)
  • Explain, how does the process of Instant Messaging take place over internet?(3)
  • Layout is considered one of the basic elements in a good multimedia presentation. Suggest any five guidelines to set the layout of a presentation in a proper manner. (5)
  • (5)Write formulas to find:
    1. Total number of Male students.

    2.   Sum of CGPA of Female students.

    from given data.

  • Decision System supports organizational and business decision making in the activities going on in business and other industries. Describe five points how decision support system is beneficial for  business?(5)
  • Professional Ethics and two examples (5)

Another Paper:

write three advantages of using functions in a program. (3 marks)

write 3 responsibilities of project manager. (3 marks)

write guidelines to make a effective presentation. (5 marks)

write 2 dif b/t global and local variables. (2 marks)

what is the key drawback of RDBMS? this question is not complete

what is problm with consistence web design, which enforce us toward sementic web design? (5 marks)

Another Paper:

Mcq’s=40 each mcq carry 1mark.
Short questions= 2 and 3marks
Long question=5marks each
Q:Diffrentiate b/w TCP/IP in terms os sending and receiving e-mails?
Q: Write six string examples of HTML wrapped?
Q:Professionals or organizations are using ethical behaviour but some professionals or organizations are not.Give two examples of unethical behavior of pfrofessional or organizationals?
Q:Why custom based is too expensive then public based?this is not the complete question but this i have remembered/.
Q:There are malicious virus which are harmfull for games.Tell the names of tehse viruses and discuss how they harmful?not completequestion.
and there are some questions from HTML and javascript.There were a table and we have to write the HTML cod