CS101 Introduction to Computing Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2014

You are required to make following Excel Sheet by using suitable formulas:

Note: Each Calculation must be based upon Excel Formulas.

Note: If we change any single value then the effect should be shown in all the related fields where formulas have been applied using that value.

Follow these instructions while developing the Excel sheet:

1. Total number of mobiles in stock is 500.

2. Total number of sold mobiles for each brand cannot exceed by 100, so you are required to use such
condition that will restrict user to enter value bigger than 100.

3. Unit price can be changed and you have to calculate total profit of each brand mobile.

5. You are also required to find Average of sold mobiles.

6. Find Value of maximum sold brand.

7. Find Value of minimum sold brand.
8. Draw a table that will show sale of each person and required target.

9. If sale is less than required target then “Target Not achieved” text should be shown in the result column.

10. If sale will be more than required target then “Target achieved” text should be shown in result column.

11. Also Calculate number of persons who have achieved target.

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