CS101 Introduction to Computing Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2014

Assignment : Create HTML page that looks similar to the one that follows:

cs101 assignment 2014

1. Use H1 for “My personal Web Page
2. Use H4 for all other headings
3. Use Email Tag right on top corner of page
4. Use Hyperlink tag to link “Virtual University of Pakistan” to www.vu.edu.pk
5. Grades font style should be Italic
6. Solve Expressions and write all steps in this HTML Page.
Note: You need to mention your own student ID and Name where needed in this assignment. This
assignment has also one hyperlink (Virtual Universi ty of Pakistan) and one maito tag (contact us
student name). Submit File only in HTML format.

<p align="right" style="color:#006600">Contact Us : <a href="mailto:BC120400251@VU.EDU.PK">Aatish Malik</a></p>
<h1 align="center" style="color:#009900">My Personal Web Page</h1>
<h4 style="color:#0000FF">Career Objective:</h4>
To find a challenging position to meet my competencies, capabilities, skills, education and experiene. I am a highly motivated<br>
and organized individual, user to working on my own initiative. I am also abot to maintain a sense of humor under pressure!
<h4 style="color:#0000FF">Qualification Grades</h4>
<p>Intermediate <i>A</i></p>
<p>Matriculation <i>A</i> </p>
<h4 style="color:#FF00FF">Currently Enrolled University:</h4>
<p><a href="www.vu.edu.pk">Virtual Univertisy of Pakistan</a></p>
<p>Dagree: BSC</p>
<p>Student ID: BC120400251 </p>
<h4 style="color:#006600">Solve Following Expressions and publish result on this web page.</h4>
<p>1. (x.y)'+x</p>
<p>2. (x+y)&oslash;y </p>