CS101 Introduction to Computing Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012

Write a page in HTML to develop a drop down list that shows following five subjects of your semester in which introduction to computing CS101 is selected as default.
1. CS101 Introduction to Computing
2. CS502 – fundamentals of Algorithms
3. ENG101 – English Comprehension
4. IT430 E – Commerce
5. MGT101 – Financial Accounting


<HEAD><H1><B>Semester Subjects</B></H1></head>
<option Value="1. CS101-Introduction to Computing">1. CS101-Introduction to Computing</option>
<option Value="2. CS502-Fundamentals of Algorithms">2. CS502-Fundamentals of Algorithms</option>
<option Value="3. ENG101-English Comperhension">3. ENG101-English Comperhension</option>
<option Value="4. IT430-E Commerce">4. IT430-E Commerce</option>
<option Value="5. MGT101-Financial Accounting">5. MGT101-Financial Accounting</option>

Question No 2: Marks 10

Develop a table in HTML with the given columns and rows as shown in the given below screenshot.

o The size of table border should be “1”
o The background color should be “pink”
o It should be aligned in the center.
o Use the caption of the table as “Semester Mark Sheet”
o Use “cell padding” to present the cell data with clarity.