CS101 Introduction to Computing Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2014

Question 1 Marks 10

Suppose you are a part of a software development team and you are asked to draw a flow chart of algorithm given below.

Algorithm’s Details:

The given algorithm is taking a number ‘n’ as input from user and print the sum of even and odd numbers from 1 to n. The algorithm scans from n to 1(or 1 to n). It checks whether the number is even or odd. If number is even, add that number in SUM_EVEN and if it is odd, then add it in SUM_ODD and decrement the value of n by 1.


1. Start
2. Declare two variables and initialize them with 0( SUM_ODD=0, and SUM_EVEN=0)
3. Input “n”
4. Repeat while n>0
5. Print SUM_EVEN and SUM_ODD
6. Stop

1. Your task is to draw the Flow chart of the above algorithm.
2. Check the symbols used for each building block of an algorithm for flowchart.
3. Use appropriate symbols for each type of statement.
4. Design the flowchart in MS WORD.
5. Symbols for building flow charts can be found in MS word insertshapes menu.
6. The guidelines to draw flowchart in MS WORD 2003 can be obtained from the mentioned link. http://ase.tufts.edu/its/trainDocuments/word03Flowcharts.pdf

Question No 2: Marks 10

In figure 1 there is a text box, a paragraph and uses of latex’s list. You are required to re-write/type the given text in MS word.

Figure 1

Here are some points and hints:
1. You have to insert a text box and write your student ID in it
2. You have to write all the text
3. Insert http://www.latex-project.org/ hyperlink in the text Latex so that your Latex should look like same as shown in the image
4. Your text font must be Times New Roman 12 point
5. “Uses” must be numbered
6. Your First letter L should cover 2 lines not more. DO NOT change font size of L to make it look like in the image because it will result in zero.
7. “Uses” must be in three columns.
8. You can easily find a way to write in columns by going to Page Layout tab and then go to page setup
9. Use of table, spacebar or tab to spread “uses” in three columns will result in zero marks
10. Do not send screenshot (image) of your work, send original text in given format.