CS101 Introduction to Computing Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2013

Assignment Statement:

You are required to make a presentation in which following must be included:

  • Table
  • Textbox
  • Check boxes
  • Radio button
  • Navigation buttons
  • Six Slides
  • There must be a slide number on each slide in footer as shown in below images.
  • There must be date on each slide in footer as shown below.


Detailed Description of Assignment Requirements:


Please read given requirements carefully and follow them as they are mandatory and each of them carries some marks. Marks will be deducted if any one of the basic requirement is missing.

Figure 1-Slide 1 of 6


v     Slide 1

  • Your Student ID: Every student will write his/her own student id as a title of this presentation
  • Student Picture: Provide your picture in place of given image.
  • Student Name: Write-down your name below your picture

Figure 2- Slide 2 of 6


v     Slide 2

–          Slide title will be Academic Qualifications

–          Create a table of four columns as given in above slide.

–           These columns will be of:

–                         Certificate/Degree

–                         Obtained Marks/ CGPA

–                          Total Marks/CGPA

–                          Percentage (%)

– Provide your own educational details which you have provided while taking admission in VU.

Figure 3-Slide 3 of 6


v     Slide 3

–          Slide title will be Registration Form

–          There must be four Text boxes (These must be Visual Basic objects/any other configurable object otherwise no marks will be given) in which you will provide your name, father name, Phone No and address.

–          VB objects are already given in Power Point; you only have to search them and customized them.


Figure 4- Slide 4 of 6

v     Slide 4


–          Title will be Registrartion Form

–          There will be label of language and in front of it there will be two check boxex of Urdu and English while urdu will be selected by default.

–          There will be label of Gender and in front of it there will be two radio buttons of Male and female  while Male will be selected by default.

–          Check boxes and radio buttons are VB objects which are already given in Power Point; you only have to search them and customized them. No marks will be given if you have not implemented them as VB objects/configurable objects.

–          Make sure these can have option to change for other users at evaluation time these must not in hardcoded forms of images which are not required.

Figure 5-Slide 5 of 6

v      Slide 5

–          You are required to answer following question. You should write your answer on slide no 5 with title of “Advantages and Disadvantage of Social Media”

In the 21st century, social media effected almost all kind of people for example students, organization etc.  Identify at least five advantages and five disadvantages of social media on your personal life.

             – Marks will be given on contents as well as on the way you have written your answer on this slide. Follow guidelines for making a presentation; this will help you to achieve good marks in this part. This part of assignment carries 5 marks.


Figure 6-Slide 6 of 6

v      Slide 6

–          Title will be Thank you.

–          There will be one navigation button of Home. On mouse click, it takes us to slide no 1 of presentation.

–          Second navigation button will be of Submit. On mouse click, it redirects us to www.vu.edu.pk.


Note: “Power Point ” description Software available in Microsoft office Suite. You are required to use microsoft Power point only for this assignment.

Download the Complete solution here CS101_Assignment03_Complete_Solution_Spring_2013