CS101 Introduction to Computing GDB Solution Spring 2013

Is it possible for intelligent machines to make decisions for the ultra large business organizations and make policies for them without the intervention of the human beings? Support or contradict the above statement with strong arguments and your answer shouldn’t be more than 150 words.

Solution: Intelligent machines helps to make decisions:

  1. Speed up the progress of problems solving in an organization’s.
  2. Facilitates interpersonal communication
  3. Increases organisations control
  4. Generates new evidence in support of a decision
  5. It is time savings
  6. Increase decision maker satisfaction
  7. Enhance effectiveness
  8. Reveals new approaches to thinking about problem space
  9. Encourages exploration & discovery on part of decision maker
  10. It is not possible for all managers to be available at the same time that is time constraints.
  11. Managers have the tendency of relying on computers and in case there is a technical problem one day, meeting have to be postpone as well as decision making following lot’s of problem in the future like difficulty in getting all managers time schedule for one day.
  12. A person who lets the computers make all decisions would no longer have a need for rational thought.
  13. Overemphasize decision making
  14. assumptions of relevance
  15. transfer of power
  16. unanticipated effects
  17. obscuring responsibility
  18. false belief in objectivity
  19. status reduction
  20. Information overload-if the system has not been given the business specific objectives , then it can lead to unbiased information being retrieved thus resulting in wrong decisions taking.